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Secure in God: Collected Poems


by Rita Malsch, O.C.D.S.


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Rita Malsch, O.C.D.S.’s “Secure in God: Collected Poems.“Mystical, practical, relatable, and inspirational, this book of poetry is a testament to the healing powers of faith and that creativity will nourish your soul. In the middle of World War II, Rita Malsch, the youngest of four girls, was born in the picturesque city of Heppenheim, Germany. After emigrating to the United States, life was engaging. Then, tragedy struck. A drunk driver hit Rita. A third surgery on her spine left her paralyzed instead. After a lengthy rehabilitation, Rita found that drawing, painting, and writing were important to her healing process. Along the way, she learned to trust God and take life as it comes. Secure in God is her second book, sharing poetry and artwork reflecting her life with Christ. Rita’s artwork is available at:

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