Imagine Your Book in the New York Times!

It’s a fact that there are ads and then there are ads that change lives, and I’m not overstating things in the context of a co-op advertisement in the New York Times Book Review Holiday Issue, which is well and truly a Big Deal.

With a circulation of well over a million readers, the New York Times has the largest circulation of any metropolitan paper in the United States—more than USA Today and the Los Angeles Times—and has taken home more Pulitzer Prizes than any news organization. It is, quite simply, the best of the best.

And now, all authors have the chance to see their book grace its illustrious pages—during the holiday season, no less, when the book-buying spirit is at its peak! The Holiday Issue is published in early December, right when literary enthusiasts are looking for the greatest books to gift to their loved ones—or coworkers, or general acquaintances—and who often can’t resist picking out a few books for their own Amazon wish list, as well.

But as you can imagine, ad space in such a prominent newspaper is not cheap.  This article, from 2014, details a cost of $104,000, for instance. As an independent author, that’s the kind of overhead expense that can be difficult to defend, despite the far-reaching benefits of buying in.

Luckily for everyone, there’s a better way to do things: a cooperative way, to be precise. And Outskirts Press, trailblazers that we are, has built a reputation for success with our co-op advertising bundles—including our much-lauded New York Times Holiday bundle.

This advertising & marketing bundle allows you the benefit of a participating in a beautiful full-page black & white advertisement along with other select Outskirts Press titles (the co-operative element of the bundle) that we have managed to negotiate at a special rate, thereby costing you far less than any other offer on the market.


The best part is, participation is simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Reserve your space by ordering today. The deadline to purchase this service is October 31st, but often we run out of available spots well before then since we can only accept the first 12 authors who select this option.
  2. Once all positions are filled, our media designers will create the advertisement by incorporating a book cover image and brief summary for each participating author.
  3. We submit the finished ad to the New York Times editorial department, and
  4. We send you a digital PDF copy of the ad before it runs in December for your use in any number of promotional opportunities. And if you run out of ideas, check in with your Personal Marketing Assistant for more holiday inspiration.

It’s tough to decide what expenses are going to pay off over time, but there’s nothing unknown about the benefits of advertising to over a million people in the New York Times Book Review Holiday Issue. These are a million or more highly-motivated readers who can take your book out of the quagmire and launch it into the sales stratosphere.

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