New York Times Features Outskirts Press Self-Publishing Author Roe De Pinto

This holiday season, we continue to feature authors who have taken advantage of the 2015 Holiday Bundle and the benefits of the New York Times Holiday Edition ad. Co-op ads offer authors effective exposure through a well-known, established publication with millions of motivated book lovers!

The New York Times Holiday Edition will feature self-publishing children’s book author Roe De Pinto.  In the first book of her 12-book series, children follow newborn best friends Zealy and Whubba explore their world together through their everyday adventures and escapades in The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba: A New Life Begins

About the Author

Roe De Pinto was inspired to write the Zealy and Whubba series after spending countless hours taking care of her grandbabies and, of course, raising her own children. With the characters from Zealy and Whubba in mind, De Pinto completed three years of courses focusing in children’s literature, and upon graduating began bringing Zealy and Whubba to life. With a 12-part series in mind, De Pinto hopes to restore and define the importance of the love of family and friends to the world of children. She looks forward to completing the series in her lifetime and bringing smiles to everyone all around the globe.

The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba: A New Life Begins! Book 1 Series 1

514bgHvj7RL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_Zealy is a little seal pup with sparkly eyes and beautiful, silky white fur. Her world is brand-new and full of surprises, but the best surprise of all is when she meets Whubba—a precious baby orca whale. As the two become best friends, they protect and love each other, all the while exploring the sand and sea with family and friends. Their adventures are not only fun but educational, as the two little creatures learn about safety and their environment. The first book in the series, The Adventures of Zealy and Whubba is a delightful tale that will melt your heart and bring back core foundations for children to lean on.

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