Author Poll: Author (Twila Pearson) wants your help with her book cover

Twila Pearson is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And she wants your help deciding her book cover.

Book Summary

I remembered the words of Jesus as He hung on the cross, talking to the thief beside Him: “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

Shortly after his first birthday, young Michael got very sick, starting with cold symptoms that he just couldn’t shake. His mother knew something was seriously wrong, but the doctor kept reassuring her, in a patronizing tone, that Michael’s childhood vaccinations were simply exacerbating his cold symptoms. It took weeks for doctors to take the nervous mother’s concerns seriously, but finally, after countless tests and hospital visits, they had a diagnosis for her. Michael had leukemia.
Going Home is the true story of one mother’s experience raising a son with a terminal illness, and while it is heart-wrenching and beautifully told, this book’s true strength is in its message of hope and faith. “I want my journey to end with Jesus saying to me, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.’ For that to happen, I have to not let circumstances get me down or stop me in my tracks. God never promised me an easy journey, just that He would be with me on the road and keep me safe when I lean on Him. I choose to take my journey with dignity, seeking God all the way.”
This book will not only touch your heart—it reveals the hidden lessons and the grace that God provided a mother and son during their time together.

About the Author

Drawing upon her own experiences raising a child with leukemia, Twila Pearson earned her BS in nursing in 1983, a master’s in psychiatric nursing in 1986, and her PhD in counseling psychology in 1997. She currently prescribes psychiatric medication as a nurse practitioner and lives in Brown Deer, Wisconsin.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Twila.

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