Author Poll: Writers (Neal Warren and Adam Lizakowski) want your help with their book cover

Neal Warren and Adam Lizakowski are self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And they want your help with the book cover.

Poetry that reaches out and draws you in.  Two poets, from different pasts and countries, met in San Francisco.  They formed a bond like epoxy, two different solutions mixed together.  The result was a strong mutual respect and friendship.  As quickly as they came together, a time for parting arrived, but not before one proposed a joint venture, to merge a number of their poems into a short book.  The result was accomplished in 1986 and was called Anteroom Poetry. Adam Lizakowski continues writing to this day.  Neal Warren filled cartons with journals and in 2010, when his wife insisted he go through his papers and see what he can get rid of, he began turning hand written pages from his past to digital format and published his first solo book.  When he came to his copy of Anteroom Poetry, he realized how many friendships drifted away and decided to renew those he could. What better way to renew a friendship than to share the spotlight together once again.

Adam  Lizakowski is the author of more than a dozen books of poetry. His poetry was published in Polish and English, but also in Spanish, Russian, German, Lithuanian, and Ukrainian. In 2010  he received  first place  from The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Poetry Award (formerly the Elma Stuckey Poetry Award) presented annually by the Department of English at Columbia College Chicago. He was the winner of %u201COld Father William’s Fabulous and Curious Poetry Contest, organized by Caffeine Theatre. Chicago. He received his BA (graduated with honors)  in Creative Writing Poetry from Columbia College Chicago.

Neal Warren has authored his second book of poetry and works on his third. After years of study in many different schools he decided it was time to complete something.  In 2007 he received an Associate of Applied Science in Network Management and Security from Stratford University, Falls Church Virginia.  He’s enjoyed assisting students in the near past, the past, and far past, and now enjoys volunteering as House Manager and Finance Director for Taking Flight Theatre Company, a community theatre in Sterling Virginia.

Please take a look at two possible covers below then vote on the choice you recommend for Neal and Adam.

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Cover A

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Cover B

One thought on “Author Poll: Writers (Neal Warren and Adam Lizakowski) want your help with their book cover

  1. I chose B cover because it was catches the eye and draws your attention to make you want to see what is inside. Cover A was an immediate turn off. I would never have taken a second look at the book.

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