Triple Treat of Free Options Offered by Outskirts Press for September 2012 Promotion

The September Triple Treat for Diamond and Pearl package authors includes a free Book Video Teaser that authors can upload to their YouTube accounts, a free Library of Congress Control Number to give readers access to new books throughout the United States library system, and a free Espresso Book Machine® edition to make their hardcopy book available at Espresso printing machines in universities and libraries across the planet.

The Book Video Teaser is a fast, flashy way to announce the publication of an author’s book on all the most popular Internet video and networking sites. Outskirts Press produces a professional quality, thirty second long video that features the book title, the author byline, the cover, a photo of the author, the retail price — all dramatically displayed to the accompaniment of background music.

The author is provided with an .mp4 Book Video Teaser file that the author can easily use to launch the book’s viral video promotion. Some of the most popular video sharing sites that authors use today to announce their book’s publication are YouTube, Myspace, Metacafe, Daily Motion, Live Video and Viddler.

The Library of Congress Control Number helps facilitate the distribution of a new title through the entire United States’ library system. Outskirts Press will take care of all the administrative paperwork and acquire the number for the author, print it on the book’s copyright page in the standard format and submit the required number of copies of the book to the Library of Congress offices after publication. The Library of Congress is a broad distribution channel available for new books which is frequently overlooked by first time authors.

The third “treat” in Outskirts Press’ September promotion is an Espresso Book Machine® edition. Billed by Time Magazine as the “invention of the year,” the Espresso Book Machine® is a revolutionary automated book-making machine that provides an immediate and direct-to-consumer distribution channel. A consumer walks up to the machine, selects a title to print and presses a button. Within a few minutes a full color cover, perfect bound edition of the book, indistinguishable from the publisher’s version, is delivered right into the reader’s hands.

These literary ATM machines have been set up in select universities and libraries in this country and abroad and provide convenient and immediate worldwide distribution for an author’s work. Espresso Book Machines® are in the New York Public Library, the University of Michigan library, the World Bank InfoShop in Washington, DC, the London Newsstand, UK, and the Melbourne, Australia, Angus and Robertson Bookstore, just to name a few of the current locations.

Authors can take advantage of this September promotion by using the promotion code “3FREE2012” when ordering the Diamond or Pearl publishing packages.

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