It’s a Match Made In Heaven! An Angel’s Love could be going to Hollywood!

In last week’s posting we asked you which Outskirts Press romance novel most deserved to be made into a Hollywood movie. The results are in, and the winner is… An Angel’s Love!

An Angel’s Love by Darlene Cozart was chosen based on responses to last week’s post.  Now it’s up to her. With our Hollywood Treatment option, she can receive a 7-10 page creative adaptation by a screenwriter that focuses on story and characters.

A well-composed Treatment can sometimes even turn an average property into a “Green Light” at a studio or production company.
Included with the Hollywood Treatment option:
  • Up to 3 different industry loglines: short catchy phrases that describe your story and quickly capture the attention of potential buyers
  • Producer assessment
  • Rationale (why choices/decisions were made so they can be addressed by the author)
  • Creative treatment of your book, focusing on story/plot lines, main characterizations, etc.
  • Recommendations of what you can do now to make your story more attractive to Hollywood
  • You keep all your rights to your book and the Treatment.

Plus, as a bonus, an exclusive 3-year effort will automatically be set into motion by a Hollywood production company to option the completed treatment with Hollywood studios, producers, and/or stars.  Just imagine! Your own treatment for your book making the rounds in Hollywood as a hot property.

As our Hollywood Romance winner, Darlene will receive an instant 10% discount on the Hollywood Treatment option if she wishes to pursue his Hollywood dreams. Congratulations and good luck to her!

One thought on “It’s a Match Made In Heaven! An Angel’s Love could be going to Hollywood!

  1. I am very thankful for this information. At this time though I am already in the process of doing a Biography Movie. I was asked by a Fabulous Producer to talk about my life in the music industry when I was up for the Best Entertainer of the Year Awards in 1991. Then to being on top of the world. Then being homeless with my child and my Mother and all of the miracles that happened to us. To now having my Books Published and helping others so This coming week Tuesday October 22/2012 I am in a meeting with the Producer and those who are working with me to make this happen. Again thank you so much for this opportunity, but I am already starting Filming as of next week.

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