Run our company Poll – Which new service option should we offer?

Last September we ran a poll asking you, our social community friends (who also happen to be our current, past, and future authors at Outskirts Press) what option you would like to see us offer to help you reach your writing, publishing, and marketing goals.  There were three choices:

  • Amazon Featured Book of the Week, which received 40% of the votes
  • Social Media Market Research, which received 50% of the votes
  • Author Apps, which received 10% of the votes

As a result of your votes, we launched both the Social Media Market Research option and the Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week option.

So once again we are asking you to help us help you. With The Avengers already breaking records and movies like Men in Black 3The Dark Knight Rises, and the Amazing Spider-Man just around the corner, we are about to experience one of the biggest blockbuster movie seasons ever.

We want to give authors an opportunity to experience that phenomenon from the inside, by helping you on the path to turning your book into a movie. To help in that quest, we are considering three new service options that focus on one particular step of getting your book from page to screen:

  • Hollywood Action Plan – We will submit your book to a Hollywood production company where a credited Hollywood producer will provide feedback for a 3-5 page “coverage” analysis — the industry term for determining if a book has potential for movie or television adaptation and if so, in what format.
  • Hollywood Treatment – We will submit your book to a Hollywood production company where a treatment writer and credited Hollywood producer collaborate on a 7-10 page Treatment for your book. Treatments are the documents Hollywood insiders use to make purchasing/optioning decisions because they touch upon the major factors (genre, audience, characters, plot) while being quicker to read than a screenplay.
  • Hollywood Screenplay – Using your book as adaptable material, a credited Hollywood producer and Hollywood screenwriter will ghost-write a Hollywood caliber screenplay for you in industry standard format and presentation. Screenplays vary in length depending upon format (movie/tv), genre, and content, but are typically 100-130 pages in length.

In all cases, exclusive efforts to option your material to Hollywood is immediately set into motion for your convenience.  Sound good?  Which option would you like to see first?

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