Author Poll: Writer Linda Naomi Katz wants your help with her book price

Linda Naomi Katz is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And she wants your help deciding on a retail price for her paperback and hardback.

Written from the perspective of someone whose life has been challenged by mental illness, this book offers help, hope, and inspiration to others struggling with psychological disorders. It provides information about mental illness in general—and mood disorders in particular—valuable tips about treatment and medication, and resources and organizations dedicated to helping those suffering from these disorders.

Surviving Mental Illness helps break through the fear and stigma of mental illness and focuses on how to find health and happiness. The author shares her personal journey: the heartbreak and challenges of bipolar disorder, and the joy of making her way back to mental health. Through her own story, she shows that help is out there, and with a little faith, recovery is possible.

Linda Naomi Katz lives in Flushing, New York. Her faith in God has led her to recover in ways you cannot imagine. Life is having faith to overcome any obstacles, and that is what her recovery from mental illness is all about. Surviving Mental Illness is her first book.

The book is approximately 130 pages in length and is black/white on the inside with a full-color cover. One format is a perfect bound paperback and the other is a cloth-stitched casebound hardcover with a full-color wrap around dust jacket.

4 thoughts on “Author Poll: Writer Linda Naomi Katz wants your help with her book price

  1. Congratulations on having your book self-published! I suggest the price should be $13.95 paperback and $25.95 hardcopy.

  2. May I be one of the first to congratulate you on your book Linda, it takes real courage to do what you have done and I appreciate you sharing your personal experiences which will help so many others. A close friend of my daughter is going through a similar situation and has considered writing her own memoirs about the challenges she has faced, with a view to publishing her own book. I encourage her to write as I know the personal healing benefits this brings to her and the insight it can give to others. I may just buy your book for my friend to help her on her journey……..thankyou so much for sharing and I wish you greatness and success in everything you do. God Bless. x

    1. Norma

      I am very glad that my book will help your friend since that is the whole purpose why I decided to tell my own story with mental illness. I would very much appreciate your help with my book price.
      Thank you for your response.


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