One of our authors needs your helpful vote

Troy L. Peterson is publishing 7 Steps to Real Estate Riches: Real Estate Investing Made Simple with Outskirts Press.

And he has asked us for YOUR help!

Please take a look at his two cover design options below and then vote on the option you recommend for Troy.

Cover #1

Cover #2

Option #1 is free and included with his publishing service using one of the pre-designed styles available to him. Option #2 is a custom cover we designed for him “on spec” to give him the option of a visually unique, spot-on cover design. It costs $299. Is that a worthwhile investment for Troy’s book?

We want to hear from you.

Which cover should Troy choose?

Let us know your opinion with the poll vote and we will pass along the final recommendations to Troy.


4 thoughts on “One of our authors needs your helpful vote

  1. Ooh, tough choice. I would probably go for secret option number three– contact freelance graphic designers for quotes and see if he can find a better deal!

    The second cover is better, but it’s just a stock photo with some text added. I (personally) wouldn’t consider it worth $299.

  2. Yes, Troy, I agree with the previous responses from Alayjiah and Richard. I would especially opt for the 2nd cover if you intend to market your book to brick & mortar stores as it will stand out. If, however, you intend to use the Internet for the bulk of your sales, please understand that you will need to drive traffic to those online sites, which will require additional marketing and funding. A great cover is a great cover, but people need to know that it exists. Yes, if you can afford it, opt for cover #2, but find a way to make the most of it, okay? Good luck to you!

  3. Your book needs to grab the attention of a person. Between the two above the second one although not perfect is much more eye catching. It does concern me that the white on blue title seems less legible than the authors name. Maybe try yellow for the title this way it will pop right out. After all isn’t that the most important piece of information on the cover? The $299 is well worth the cost especially if you are going to send out to brick and mortar stores. You will stand out among the rest of the books on the shelf. Hope this was helpful.

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