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Once again, Outskirts Press was the “winningest” publisher at the 17th annual EVVY Awards banquet held by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. All in all, Outskirts Press authors won 9 awards, listed below:

  • The Beads of Lapis Lazuli by Doris Kenney Marcotte – 1st Place, Fiction
  • The Key to Job Success in any Career by Frank B. Leibold, Ph.D. – 1st Place, Self-Help
  • The Rise and Fall of Captain Methane by Dorcey Alan Wingo – 2nd Place, Autobiography
  • I Am Equus by Duaa Anwar – 3rd Place, Tech Award, Cover Design
  • Art, Experience and Faith by William Squires – Merit, Spirituality
  • One Wacky Wasp by Brent Sampson – Merit, Children’s
  • Psych Consults by Robert J. Mignone, M.D., F.A.P.A. – Merit, Self-Help
  • Queen Vernita Meets Sir Heathy Bean by Dawn Menge and Heath Rhoades – Merit, Children’s
  • Whispers of Joy by Joy Andreasen – Merit, Spirituality


From these EVVY winners we have identified the three finalists for the Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award for 2010, and its $1,500 Grand Prize.

In order to demonstrate the merit of our finalists, all finalists must win an EVVY award (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or merit). The Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award will recognize the best book Outskirts Press published in 2010, as determined by… You!

That’s right, everyone will have a chance to vote on the winning book from among the three finalists when the polls open on April 15th on our blog.

But in the meantime, here are the three finalists for the 2010 Outskirts Press Best Book of the Year Award. Congratulations!

The Key To Job Success In Any Career, by Frank B. Leibold, Ph.D.

After a distinguished 30 year business career with three multinational corporations and nine jobs-culminating in the position of Group President, Frank B. Leibold re-tooled himself by returning to school and obtaining his Ph.D. In The Key to Job Success in Any Career, Leibold develops six scientifically validated Lifelong Transferable Competencies (LTCs) that are required for success in any job or career.

Psych Consults, by Robert J. Mignone, M.D., F.A.P.A.

For decades, Robert J. Mignone, M.D., F.A.P.A., has helped people bounce back from all kinds of crises. A top-ranked psychiatrist in southwest Florida, Dr. Mignone has been called a gifted and inspirational
speaker—in person and on TV. Dr. Mignone’s Psych Consults is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about mental health. This scholarly yet accessible book is designed for any adult seeking to recognize and treat everything from depression to specific issues faced by children and seniors.

The Beads of Lapis Lazuli, by Doris Kenney Marcotte

Doris Kenney Marcotte has turned decades of studying Minoan civilization
into two novels. She has researched at the Athens National Museum, the
Heraklion Archeological Museum on Crete, and the British Museum in London,
among others. The Beads of Lapis Lazuli is part mystery and part psychological drama as it mixes history, obsession, and the paranormal for an exhilarating read. Bridging time and space, the story is about seeking truth, taking control of our lives and discovering the unknown strength within each of us.

Enjoy Doris Kenney Marcotte’s reaction to the news when we shared this announcement with her:

“What wonderful news!  It’s difficult to tell you how honored I feel to learn that the book has been selected as a finalist for Best Book of the Year. From the beginning, my goal was to see my work in print and to entertain, and now to have the book receive special recognition a second time is amazing.  Thank you. One of the unexpected pleasures receiving the EVVY Award and now being chosen as a Best Book finalist is how much fun my family and friends are having celebrating.  I hope you and the Production Staff are celebrating too because without all of you it would never have happened.   I will be organizing my “troops” to wage a voting campaign and I welcome all the marketing suggestions you’ve been sending.” Doris Kenney Marcotte

Speaking of Awards…

Speaking of awards, if you are an Outskirts Press author who published a book in 2010, it is time to submit your book to the Writer’s Digest International Self-Published Book Awards.  The deadline is here, and you only get one chance to enter this prestigious contest with a 2010 copyright.

We take care of all the details, all the paperwork, and all the copies
for the judges. All you need to do is sit back and think about how you’ll
spend the $3,000 Grand Prize. Your book must have a copyright date of 2010 or 2011 to submit. Published Outskirts authors, click here to submit your book now.

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“Outskirts Press did an outstanding job on my book. The book was published in a two month time frame. The colors in the book really stand out with my readers. When people see the book they say to me that the publisher did a great job on my book. People love the cover design and how the color fades from the cross to the top of the book. I have four other people now looking to publish books and we recommended Outskirts Press.

I have been getting testimonies from the book contents since we gave out the first copies. We have people wanting to help promote the book. I wrote the book and every time I pick it up and read it God gives me more revelation from the book. It’s like I am reading my own book for the first time. The book was published on 2/28/2011 and is already making a big impact in people’s lives. People are telling me how simple the book is to read and how they are able to understand the contents of the book.

People are really impressed with the format of the book overall. The book teaches people a simple step-by-step process on how to receive healing and deliverance from God according to His word.

I just want to say thank you to Outskirts Press and also to let you know that the first person that read the book and applied the principles in the book is already healed. God healed them as a result of reading the book and then applying what they learned from the book. Outskirts Press, if you didn’t publish my book this testimony would not be possible and there are many, many more testimonies to come as a result of this book publishing with you. Thank you again. ” – William A. Anderson, author of How to Develop and Apply Your Confidence and Faith for Healing

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