The charity for our Facebook Anthology, Fandemonium: Selected Short Stories & Poems From Talented Facebook Writers, has been determined via a public vote by you, our blog readers and Facebook fans.  

Royalty proceeds from the sale of Fandemonium will benefit the American Red Cross.   Thank you to everyone who voted and to everyone who has participated so far in our social networking publishing project.  There is still time to submit your poem or short story or excerpt on our Facebook Page. Just open a comment and submit something for possible free inclusion in Fandemonium!

Now it’s time for you to determine what the cover of Fandemonium is going to look like.  Here are the four choices.  Use the ballot box below to vote for your choice. We’ll be accepting votes through this weekend so be sure to share the voting process with your own Facebook friends and on your own Twitter account, especially if you’ve submitted content and want your cover preference to win! 

(It’s too small to see in these samples, but the Gold Seal notifies buyers that proceeds benefit the American Red Cross.)

Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

Cover 4


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44 thoughts on “Vote on the Facebook Anthology cover design here

  1. My husband is not a writer but he is a voracious reader. I told him about the anthology of poems and stories by writers on Facebook. Then I showed him the covers and asked him to choose. He instantly (and I mean instantly!) pointed to number 3. [ No, I wasn’t pointing at #3 while he chose. :)) ]

    Food for thought: Is this book being offered by writers to other writers; i.e. is it just a venue for a mutual admiration society? Or is to be sold to the public at large?

  2. good cover goes with a good truthful man i like what i read and see i see you are the best in your doings on this wonderful book<<fr your real advice <<

  3. Cover three said it all and does not have does not have the harsh colors and looks interesting to want to pick it up and read it.

  4. Cover No. 1 seems to best fit the American Red Cross, thumbs up for nurseand doctor and hospital care

  5. As a graphic artist and writer, i like cover 4 in all its ramifications. It tells everything a marketable cover should posses.

    1. keep up the good work in all your truthfulness in your books and doings take care form the one and only<<amen n amean<<<so jan. the 16 you stated good truthfulinees to me and others<<<

  6. In #-s 1,3 and 4 you only get the feeling of coldness contrary to the inspiration that poetry is supposed to impose on you. # 2 has at least a bit of warm colors and encouraging feeling to prepare you for the reading of the poems you expect to read in the book.

  7. Cover # 4 -is the best one to reflect the notice of the title and cover images. Here hoping and praying this is the winner.

  8. Hmmm. I’m more fascinated by everyone else’s responses than the covers themselves. But here’s my two cents worth anyway.

    I like #1 and #3, but settled on #3. This book is not just another anthology, but an anthology of work contributed by writers via an online social network, i.e. Facebook. Cover #1 uses the ubiquitous online graphic for “like”, as in “I LIKE it”. Unfortunately, the overall effect, with the too small text at the bottom, is vague about just what the fans are in a pandemonium over.

    #3, is the best, with the large text near the top and the graphic representation of a network (well-known in the engineering world from whence I come).

    Number 2 is far too chaotic and hard on the eye, and forces the potential reader to spend way too much time sifting through the cover to figure out what the book might be about.

    Number 4 is out for two reasons.

    First, it could be any crowd anywhere cheering for anything. A pack of hooligans at a soccer game, for instance. If I were looking at that cover in my local book store, I would think it was a non-fiction book about someone’s investigation into law enforcement crowd control procedures or the escalating violence of crowds at various venues or the rise in idolatrous worship of celebrities while church attendance declines.

    Second, has nobody else noticed that in the upper right side of the graphic, just below the gold star, one of the prominently raised hands seems to be pointing a GUN at the gold star????

    1. Hi Laura,

      Great comments, thank you. It’s too small to see on these samples, but that prominent hand is actually holding a book, but we should make it clearer, especially since people see “small” cover images before they see the larger ones. Great eye.

      Outskirts Press

  9. In a retail shelf full of books it would be apparent that the Picture matches the Title. #4 is the strongest message screaming out from the others ( nobody has a chance to try to translate from the cover) This usually indicates it will read this way as well…confusing 1,2 and 3 are smart, but too complicated. I value a strong cover and and a smart read. I agree with Kip Coon Patti

  10. #4 depicts the message and subject more clearly then the other 3. It show fans applauding for a word well written, whereas the others do not illsutrate the message so fresh and direct as #4.

  11. Cover #1 looks like a jigsaw puzzle.
    Cover #2 looks like the back cover to the book.
    Cover #3 looks like a page out of a computer magazine.
    Cover #4 is simple, clean and easy-to-read. (Simplicity is the essence of all beauty.)

    1. Hi Ingrid,

      You’re right, removing the background might improve this version considerably. Hmm… we may need to have a “vote-off” once we apply some of these excellent suggestions to the cover concepts. Thank you for participating.

      Outskirts Press

  12. Cover 1 is eerie crude cold yet formally conceived. Most importantly, it tells the tale at a glance; ‘fan turbulence is a corrupting wind spin engorges all in its wake.’ Cover 1 is not pretty — it’s effective.

    1. Hi Paul,

      You’re right, it says what it is. We particularly liked that the “like” thumb icon in some manner resembled “talking balloons” from cartoons — kind of a visual representation that a lot of different voices were within the pages of the anthology. Maybe too esoteric for a cover, though? It doesn’t look like #1 is going to make it. Thanks for the great comment.

      Outskirts Press

  13. The best cover in my opinion is none of the 4, but the small box itself found in cover number 2. Get rid of the eye busy leaves, laptop – the horrible picture as the base of cover number 2 – and just use the inserted box as the cover. It says all you need it to say and it’s visually appealing.

    1. Hi Kip,

      Many people agree with you regarding #4. And you’ve pinpointed an excellent way to improve #2. We may have to apply some of this feedback and have a “vote-off.” Stay tuned. Thanks for the great comments.

      Outskirts Press

  14. Cover #2 is a little quirky and colorful and draws you in – it focuses on images of a various kinds of writers – and catches your eye and imagination.
    Cover #4 is a classic layout, but could be music fans. So #2 is the one for me!

    1. Have you ever been to a convention (writers, actors, astronauts, animae, sci-fi, etc.)? This crowd easily depicts the fans of any of those groups. Believe me, music fans aren’t the only ones who can make up raucous crowds.

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