Outskirts Press Books Receive Statistically Higher Ratings on Amazon Than The Other Five Major Online Self Publishing Companies

Of the 7,302 books published by Outskirts Press that were for sale on Amazon as of July, 55% have received a rating.

Compare that with the other five major online publishers, where that percentage is 42%, 30%, 25%, 21%, and 15%. Since one-star ratings are included among all these percentages, receiving a rating doesn’t necessarily equate to “quality.”

But receiving a rating does relate to engagement by the author in terms of marketing effort, and engagement by the consumer in terms of readership, which ostensibly relates to higher readership and higher author royalties, a consensus shared by the book Top Self-Publishing Firms by Stacie Vander Pol that lists Outskirts Press as #1.

Outskirts Press is also #1 in terms of percentage of reviews that are 4 stars or higher, which does relate to quality. In fact,  Outskirts Press is significantly higher than the other five major online publishers on this front:

Publishing Firm % of 4 or 5
star ratings
iUniverse 37%
CreateSpace 27%
AuthorHouse 24%
Xlibris 19%
Lulu 13%

When you figure that these percentages are coming only from the percentage of books that received any sort of rating, that means 95% of Outskirts Press books that receive a rating are rated four stars or better.

“We have always known Outskirts Press helps authors publish a stellar book and have an exemplary publishing experience, especially in comparison to the other options out there,” said CEO Brent Sampson. “It’s nice to see Amazon readers confirming this fact with their ratings and reviews.”

In August, Outskirts Press is giving all new authors an incredible incentive to experience this kind of high-quality self-publishing for themselves.  With the purchase of the top-of-the-line Diamond book publishing package or the full-color Pearl package, new authors can enter a promotion code good for a free custom cover design. See all the details at http://outskirtspress.com/promotion.html

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