Self-Publishing Book Spotlight: The High-Tech Gooseneck Putter by Samuel DiMatteo & Kristin Johnson

Outskirts Press takes a tremendous amount of pride in our authors and the great effort each puts into his or her work. Self-publishing a book is no mean feat — any author will tell you. So, pardon us while we crow about some of the remarkable books published with us, and the inspiring authors who brought them to fruition.

This time around we feature a pair of our self-published authors and their latest work: Samuel DiMatteo and Kristin Johnson and the charming juvenile fiction, The High-Tech Gooseneck Putter.

Outskirts Press self-published authors Samuel DiMatteo and Kristin Johnson’s The High-Tech Gooseneck Putter features a Canada gander who’s been a legendary golfer, but now must learn a powerful lesson about sportsmanship, perseverance and love — and all that really matters in life.

Sami DeMani is a Canada gander with a renowned golf game and he’s on track to win the prestigious Waterfowl Tour. Not only does it look like he’ll win the trophy, but he’ll also put his nemesis, the ruthless Pete Swan Lake, in his place, once and for all.

Just as Sami gets ready to take his critical swing, though, a surprise scare changes everything. The shot is ruined, Sami ends up in the hospital and his chances for the ultimate golf glory are dashed.

No longer able to play golf himself, Sami designs a special Gooseneck Putter, a breakthrough club that has the power to change everything — even the confidence of the golf prodigy who uses it. Sami starts training his nephew, Myles, with the innovative device and with an eye on winning the next tournament, but no one is prepared for what happens when the Gooseneck Putter is first introduced on the course, nor does anyone expect how many feathers will eventually be ruffled by these two golfing geese.

The High-Tech Gooseneck Putter is an inspirational tale for juvenile readers which uses the love of golf, sportsmanship and a couple of delightful ganders to offer valuable lessons about love and about building a sense of community.


Samuel DiMatteo spent twenty-two years as a mechanic for Proctor & Gamble. Since retiring, he has been a watercolor instructor, prize-winning photographer, poet, model maker, and Yoga Laughter Leader. He lives in River Grove, Ill.

Kristin Johnson is a graduate of the University of Southern California’s Master’s in Professional Writing program. She is an author, journalist, screenwriter and award-winning poet/short story writer whose stage productions have been honored by the Palm Springs Desert Theatre League. She lives in Hawaii.

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