Top Apps for Writers: Blogging and Social Media

Although writing is usually done solo — or at best, in very small groups — it is at its core a social medium. That is to say, we write to express human ideas, to reach out, to change thoughts, feelings and opinions, and to explore our humanity. So, who says you should do all that in a vacuum?

We’ve talked about mobile applications that help you generate thoughts, commit them to “paper” and even stay on schedule. Now, we’ll talk about apps that help you, the writer, stay connected and exchange ideas social while you do it.


The beauty of the WordPress mobile app is not just in its functionality; it’s in the immediacy and sense of urgency the app lends to an otherwise static medium. Imagine: Rather than simply writing a retrospective essay on an inspiring trip, you can also place your readers and friend in the very midst of what excites you as it happens. You can’t always do that from a desk. The ability to have meaningful, immediate exchanges with commentors on your blog means you strengthen your online presence — and your following!


Simple and straightforward, the Blogger app is another great tool for creating short blog posts on the fly, or viewing and managing existing posts.


We love the ease of use and the variety of things you can share when you microblog with Tumblr. With six input options — text, photos, video, links, quotes and audio — you can quickly post everything from book cover ideas, audiobook snippets, favorite verses and more.


You thought we’d say Facebook or Pinterest mobile apps? Well, yes, get those too! Anything that lets your share the here and now with lots of people is a good thing when you’re building a following. TweetCaster does that by putting the full functionality of Twitter in hand. However, what we adore most about TweetCaster is the ability to retweet posts with your own comments, a feature you won’t actually find on the full website!


Got a book in the works? Start promoting now with Pinterest! It’s the perfect way to bring a project to life visually for potential readers. Create pinboard for past books, and then get readers excited about your upcoming project by sharing location shots, possible cover art, photos of actors you feel embody your main characters and more.

Keep an eye on this blog for more apps for writers. Next time, we’ll discuss applications you can use to store and track your writing. In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you about your favorite creative apps and the unique ways you’ve put them to work!

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Since 1996, publishers, readers, booksellers, libraries, organizations, and poets around the U.S. have come together to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture. Thousands of businesses and non-profit organizations participate through readings, festivals, book displays, workshops, and other events.

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Current and Aspiring Writers Can Publish Their Work for No Cost in the New Outskirts Press Facebook Anthology

Fandemonium, the first anthology from Outskirts Press to exclusively feature work from its Facebook friends, was a hit among fans of the publisher. Royalties from the sale of this anthology all went to benefit the American Red Cross – the charity chosen by both contributing and non-contributing fans on a Facebook poll. Because the initial anthology was such a success, the publisher is opening their “doors” for submission again, for Fandemonium Volume 2.

Authors with a poem, short story, joke, recipe, or any form of writing they would like to share with the world can visit the Outskirts Press Facebook page at to submit their work. The entries must be five thousand words or less and the writer must be the sole copyright holder for the piece they submit.

Submissions can be voted on by Facebook members with a click of the “Like” button to help Outskirts Press determine which contributions will be selected for the anthology.

“We’re excited to once again offer this free publishing opportunity to writers around the globe,” said Outskirts Press Vice President Kelly Schuknecht.  “The support and philanthropic spirit of our fans makes all of the effort worthwhile. And besides, it’s a great way for authors new to Outskirts Press to see just how fast, fun, and satisfying it can be to publish.”

Writers who are ready to publish their work for no cost should visit and “Like” the Outskirts Press Facebook page at for more details and to submit their work.

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Help Outskirts & its Facebook fans donate to earthquake relief

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Fandemonium, the Facebook Anthology, Is Published!
For every copy sold, Outskirts Press will donate $7.38 to the American Red Cross for earthquake relief in Japan.  Click here to order your copy today.
This January Outskirts Press invited members of its Facebook community at to submit poetry or short stories for free publication in an Outskirts Press Facebook anthology. Over 100 Facebook members submitted content on the Outskirts Press “wall” and to Outskirts Press directly. Fans were asked to “Like” the submissions they liked the best.

Facebook fans then voted on the title of the anthology and the cover design of the book. More importantly, the social community was asked to vote for a charitable organization to receive royalties resulting from sales of this book. The American Red Cross received nearly 50% of the votes.

Proceeds from the sale of Fandemonium will be donated to the American Red Cross on behalf of Outskirts Press and its Facebook Fans.

Fandemonium was just published earlier this month. Outskirts Press is donating $7.38 to the American Red Cross on behalf of its Facebook community for every copy sold of Fandemonium. Now, in the wake of the earthquake in Japan, today is the perfect time to donate to the American Red Cross by ordering your copy of Fandemonium: Selected Short Stories & Poems From Talented Facebook Writers.

Order yours today by clicking here.

Fandemonium not only brought our Facebook members together for a good cause, it provided an easy, fun, free way to experience the joy of publishing with Outskirts Press first-hand. If you are a writer or
professional with a book in your future (or in your hands), Outskirts Press can help you with writing, publishing, and/or marketing it. Visit our website for more information:

Watch the Fandemonium book video trailer here…

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Facebook Fandemonium Book Video – World Premiere

The votes from our Facebook community regarding the Fandemonium webpage have been received and collected. Now that the poll is closed, the winning webpage design/color scheme is “Diamond Blue” shown below, which received 60% of the votes.

And now that the Fandemonium Book Video Trailer is complete, you can actually see the updated, true version of the webpage with its new “Media Center” section by clicking here.  All Diamond, Pearl, and Ruby packages offer the opportunity for authors to enhance their free author webpage with book video trailers and/or audio recordings.  If either of these enhancements are added to the author webpage, a new “Media Center” section of the webpage appears.

Here is the Fandemonium Book Video Trailer:

Outskirts Press produces and distributes book video trailers for all authors, regardless of where you have published. All you have to do is click here to order yours today. (Of course, you get a 50% discount if you’ve published with Outskirts Press!)

In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan and the Pacific, now is an ideal time to donate to the American Red Cross.  For every copy of Fandemonium sold, Outskirts Press is donating $7.38 to the American Red Cross.

Order yours today from Amazon by clicking here.

Or receive a 10% discount by ordering directly from Outskirts Press by clicking here.


Facebook Publishing “Fandemonium” Update

Speaking of Facebook publishing, here is a summary and update on our Facebook anthology, Fandemonium

1. In January, we invited members of our Facebook community to submit short works (poems, short stories, excerpts, etc.) to our Facebook Wall. Over a 100 members shared their creativity with us for a chance to be published for free in a Facebook anthology.

2. Next, we invited members of our social community on Facebook and this blog to vote on a title for the anthology. The majority of the votes (33%) voted to name the book Fandemonium: Selected Short Stories & Poems From Talented Facebook Writers

3. Next, our social community of writers and published authors voted for the charitable organization which would receive royalties from the sale of Fandemonium once it was published.  The vast majority (45%) chose The American Red Cross.

4. With the title and charity in place, it was time to design a cover.  We provided a number of different concepts, and received some valuable feedback and suggestions from our community, and then presented two final concepts for our Facebook fans to vote on.  60% voted for this one:

5. The pre-production process of Fandemonium has truly been a collaborative effort, showcasing all the flexibility and control all authors receive when they publish with Outskirts Press.   Our social community even got to vote on the pricing model by determining the retail price, profit, and discount for the book.   Over half voted for a retail price of $16.95 and a profit of $7.38 every time a paperback copy sells.

6. With the details set, Outskirts Press went to work producing the book according to the Facebook community’s wishes.    This is the time when our authors can sit back and relax and let us do what we do best.  Soon, the galley review process started.   This is the online digital proofing process where the files are presented to the author for review and either approval or requested changes.  During this review process, we submitted a number of minor corrections we wanted the interior formatter to make to the interior file through the easy, fast, hand’s on submission form.

7.  Final corrections and quality check (we call this process “premedia”) is taking place now.  We expect copies of Fandemonium to be available worldwide on sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble before the end of this month. We’ll keep everyone posted.

8. When you’re ready to publish your book, check out all the high-quality writing, publishing, and marketing services available at Outskirts Press by clicking here.  Tell us which options and services you like by clicking on the “Facebook Like” buttons under every service listing.

Fandemonium (Facebook Anthology) Pricing Is Set, Thanks to Facebook Community

Last week our Facebook community members and blog readers were invited to participate in the pricing of Fandemonium, our first Facebook Anthology that is being written and published by our Facebook Fans.   Our Facebook community had already voted on the title and cover for the anthology, as well as the charity to receive the royalties (The American Red Cross).  Over the past 7 days, they’ve been voting on the pricing scenario to apply to the book.

Pricing Scenario #1 was the winner, receiving 53% of the votes.  Here is the screen shot from within the Outskirts Press Publishing Center when the pricing was set for Fandemonium according to your votes:

Whenever authors publish with Outskirts Press, they receive a pricing screen like this, which allows them to increase or decrease elements of their pricing in “real-time” with the “plus” or “minus” buttons.  

One of the major advantages of publishing with Outskirts Press is the control and flexibility you, the author, have over your book’s pricing.   Pricing Scenario #1 sets a retail price of $16.95 for the book, and delivers a whopping $7.38 to the American Red Cross every time a new copy sells through Ingram, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the many, many other sales channels offered by the Outskirts Press Distribution-on-Demand sales network available with the Diamond Publishing Package.

The submissions have all been received and the pre-production steps have all been completed.  Now Fandemonium enters the production stage of the process where the interior is formatted, the cover is finalized, the ISBN is assigned, and the distribution sales channels are established.  Stay tuned in February when the book enters the Galley Proof Review Stage.