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Obtaining book reviews is an important part of your overall book promotion strategy. A positive review from an unbiased reader can often help boost the sales of a book. A review can help a reader make a decision on one book over another. As important as these reviews are, many books receive either very few or no reviews. As a self-publishing author, how often have you submitted your book to a blogger or other reviewer only to receive no response in return? Or worse yet, have you dreaded even the thought of submitting your book to reviewers?

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With this option, we will submit your book to ForeWord Clarion for a basic review. A qualified reviewer will be assigned your book. The reviewer will write a basic review with a turnaround time of approximately 10-12 weeks.

ForeWord Clarion provides 100% honest feedback that you can use as either a promotional tool or to improve upon future writings. When we receive the review, we will send it to you to use in your marketing efforts as you see fit.

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Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week

Here’s this week’s Featured Book-of-the-Week available now on Amazon.com!

Pathway to Pre-Algebra Proficiency

by Susan Mercer
(4.5 Stars – 6 Customer Reviews)

Price: $14.95

Susan Mercer’s “Pathway to Pre-Algebra Proficiency.” A valuable resource for educators, “Pathway to Pre-Algebra Proficiency” not only encompasses lesson on the basics of pre-algebra, but puts those lessons in a format that engages students and makes math entertaining. The book includes 30 fun learning activities with 20 pre-algebra problems to solve, designed to teach students about integers, equations, percentages, expressions, powers and and square roots.

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Book Reviews and Their Value to Self-Published Authors

There’s more to marketing your self-published book than press releases, book tours and social media marketing. These tools are valuable and effective, but don’t overlook the value of “passive” marketing tools, such as book reviews.

Think about how you begin the buying process these days. Does your purchase start with independent researchBook Review Submission Service on a product? Do you find yourself swayed toward or away from a brand based on glowing or searing customer comments? How often have you asked friends, family or fellow shoppers for feedback on something you plan to buy? As consumers, we rely heavily on word of mouth before we invest our hard-earned dollars in anything — and books are no exception. Readers have millions of choices in books, and they want to choose the right one. What other people like themselves say about your book can get potential buyers to take notice.

With that in mind, it’s vital for a self-published author to be seen by the right audience and get that valuable review. If you haven’t already, order review copies of your book that you can send to local and regional publications that do book reviews. Use the Outskirts Press free Book Review Starter Kit to get off on the right foot. The kit includes helpful tips on getting your book into reviewers’ hands, as well as a list of reviewers and their contact information!

Outskirts Press authors who don’t want to do all of the “heavy lifting” themselves can take an even simpler path; let us do all the work for you with the Book Review Submission Service, which puts your book directly into the hands of 10 book reviewers vetted by Outskirts Press. As always, remember that no one (including the author nor Outskirts Press) has any control over whether the book reviewer chooses to write a review, decides to share a review that is written, or what the review will say (positive or negative).

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Why Book Reviews Are Important for Self-Publishing Authors

When developing your book promotion strategy, it is important to prioritize your activities. The first items on your list should always be the things that will have the greatest impact on your bottom line and require the least effort – especially if you are publishing your book to make money. Writing is about earning a passive income. Thus, the less time you “spend” earning money, the better your return on investment.

Believe it or not – one of the best ways to sell your book is to give it away! That may seem rather strange at first, but allow me to explain…

Most authors look at their book like a baby. It’s beautiful to them, and they are sure that people will want to buy it and read it many times over. That may be very true, but people can’t buy a book if they don’t know it exists. What if they learned about the book from a trusted associate/friend? What if they found a gleaming review for the book online? Wouldn’t they be more likely to purchase your book then? Definitely.

To see what I mean – here’s a review that our CEO, Brent Sampson, received for his book, Sell Your Book on Amazon:

This is only a portion of the review, but can you see how this can help an uneasy book buyer purchase your book? Any book can have a “flowery” description, but an honest review from an unbiased reader speaks volumes.

So, how can I find someone to review my book? That’s a great question – there are many reviewers online. An internet search can help. You can search for terms such as “book blogger”, “book review”, etc. You can also use the Book Blogs Search Engine for topical searches.

Outskirts Press authors who don’t want to do all of the “heavy lifting” themselves can also purchase either of our book review submission services:

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10 Ways Self-Publishing Authors Can Promote Their Books During National Reading/Small Press Month

March 1 marks the beginning of National Reading and Small Press month. This is the perfect time to revamp your current marketing strategy and try some new things. After all, readers are more inspired to buy books this month. As a self-publishing author, here are the top 10 ways to use this to your advantage:

  1. Come up with a marketing plan for your book. It may be helpful to speak with a professional that can coach you through coming up with a plan and taking action on those items.
  2. Contact your local bookstore to see what their policy is for carrying small press books. You may consider offering your book on consignment.
  3. Contact your local newspaper to remind them that it’s small press month. Write a press release (or have someone write one for you) and send them a copy. Be sure to call them shortly thereafter to make sure they received it.
  4. Contact your local library to suggest they feature small press titles this month, including yours. Make sure to have plenty of free copies to give away.
  5. Send out copies of your book to get reviews.
  6. Make sure your Amazon listing is up to par. You should have a Kindle Edition, Search Inside the Book, and a Book Video Trailer on your book’s Amazon page.
  7. If you haven’t already done so, buy your own domain name and start a blog. Blogging is a great way to reach new readers and possibly increase the sales of your book.
  8. Schedule a free webinar or teleseminar. Everyone has an area of expertise – what’s yours? Share your gift with the world. This will not only help increase your network, but you will be able to gain notoriety as an industry expert.
  9. Take a Virtual Book Tour. This is a cost-effective way to get yourself in front of your audience without leaving the comfort of your own living room.
  10. Offer freebies for people who buy your book. In your book’s description, you can let your potential reader know what they will get for free if they email you a copy of their receipt. eBooks, whitepapers or other virtual gifts are a great option due to their low cost and ease of delivery.

Overall, the most important thing is to have fun marketing your self-published book! Don’t take things too seriously and make sure you make the best use of your time this upcoming month.

DISCUSSION: Which of these strategies (or others) do you plan to take action on this month?

Guest Post: Nicole Sarkin on Why Self-Publishing Authors Should Get a Professional Book Review

Today we’re excited to be joined by Nicole Sarkin (from Pacific Book Review) who will be discussing the the importance of self-publishing authors obtaining professional book reviews:

Why Authors Should Get a Professional Book Review

By: Nicole Sorkin

The primary goal for a respectable book review service is to help you succeed as an author and provide honest, professional book reviews for their clients.  Book review services are just another avenue for the author, publicist, publisher, or literary agent to successfully market your book to its fullest potential.  It’s important for authors to get as many reviews as possible for their book.  One of the most effective ways to promote your book is to have a professional book review from a reliable source.  Having a book review helps lend credibility to not only the book but also to the author; resulting in having prospective buyers more inclined to purchase your book.  Book reviews are very affordable, especially given the exposure that authors receive from them.

Many different types of books are sold via the Internet. Of course, online web-based promotion is a great way to advertise.  Most creditable and reputable review companies also will place the review on their website once it has been completed.  Potential customers will have the ability to purchase your book on that particular reviewer’s website.  This is another portal for selling your book, and having a link to your website increases web traffic.  In addition, some review companies will post your review in multiple places, such as Amazon, or Barnes & Noble and many other places to help you get the desired exposure your book needs.

Once your review is completed you own the rights to your review.   You can use any part of it for your promotional materials as long as you credit the source.

We recommend including an excerpt of your review:

  • On the cover of your book, website, blog, and other marketing materials.
  • Post and distribute the review at your book signings.
  • In your press kit to gain media attention.
  • Send copies of the review in your email newsletters.
  • Post it to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ezine Articles, Authors Den, GoodReads, MySpace, etc. (Pacific Book Review automatically posts the review on these sites and many more.)

Nicole Sorkin

Nicole Sorkin with Pacific Book Review

Nicole Sorkin is the Managing Editor of Pacific Book Review, where readers can find reviews of recently published books as well as read interviews with authors. Her team also author publicity to help market your book more effectively.  Nicole Sorkin’s goal is to help authors succeed and will help you strengthen your credibility with a professional book review and give your book the attention it deserves.

If you’re a self-publishing author looking for a professional book review, you can contact Nicole using the information below:


Pacific Book Review
642 Riviera Circle
Nipomo, CA  93444
(805) 440-1787

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Self Published Author Reviewed in Chicago Sun Times

Congratulations to Outskirts Press author Vassiliki Plomaritou, who’s book Charlie: A Boy with Reading Difficulties and His Dream, was reviewed and posted within the Chicago Sun Times.

The full review is at the link above.

About the Book:

At least five percent of the world’s population is affected by dyslexia. But all nine-year-old Charlie knows is that the other kids make fun of him. Called dumb at school for his inability to concentrate on reading, he feels depressed and alone. His confidence and self-esteem are at all-time lows. For Charlie, reading is a daily battle against words that he seems destined to lose.

Then, hope arrives in the form of someone close to him who understands. What follows is a remarkable story of promise and inspiration—and the amazing gift that shows just how wrong the bullies are about Charlie.

Written by an expert on learning disabilities, Charlie: A Boy with Reading Difficulties and His Dream uncovers the incredible challenges and potential of millions of people just like Charlie. This book is perfect for showing those affected by the disorder they aren’t alone, and for teaching sensitivity about all learning disorders to educators, children and parents.

About the Author:

Vassiliki Plomaritou is an elementary school teacher and consultant who has worked in the clinical diagnosis and remediation of reading and spelling difficulties for the last decade. Her book: Charlie: A Boy With Reading Difficulties and His Dream, investigates how dyslexia affects self-confidence and self-belief of sufferers. Research has shown that a person’s self-confidence and self-esteem are molded by experiences in the education system and by relationships with parents and teachers. It is not surprising to discover that children with reading and spelling difficulties have significantly lower self-esteem than their peers. Vassiliki’s ambition is to raise awareness of Dyslexia by educating parents, teachers, and other professionals by sharing the latest research in easy-to-understand language. She is a member of International Dyslexia Association. She lives in Greece with her family. You can contact her through her Web site: www.vassilikiplomaritou.com.

What the Book Video Trailer:


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