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The Adventures of Belinda Buttercup: A Blossom Land Tale

by B. De La Mater-Novak

(5 Stars – 2 Customer Reviews)

Price: $16.95

B. De La Mater-Novak’s “The Adventures of Belinda Buttercup: A Blossom Land Tale.” Belinda is a tiny blossom child who becomes trapped in a water lily on Blossom Land Stream. The swift-moving current carries her away toward the crashing waves of Loud Waters. Even more dangerous are the Big People who are building huge dens to live in and destroying Blossom Land Forest. The little people of Blossom Land vow to do whatever it takes to stop the Big People, but first they must save Belinda.

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Glorious Garlic. Enjoy. Feel Good and Live Long by Valerie Lull

Technology has created a wide variety of ways to reach audiences all over the world. It takes is a little thinking outside the box and you can market a self-published book in creative, affordable and impactful ways. Consider book tours! Tours are a great way to connect with your readers and technology has made them easier and more cost effective than ever!

Author Valerie Lull is taking her latest book Glorious Garlic. Enjoy. Feel Good and Live Long, on tour — a Virtual Book Tour with Outskirts Press. This will allow Valerie to take her book into the far corners of the globe, all from the comfort of her own home! Keep an eye out for Valerie’s book as she will be featured on several blogs over the weeks and months ahead!

Luckily for us, Valerie was kind enough to answer a few questions as the tour was getting started so that we can give you a sneak peek into the mind of the creator of Glorious Garlic. Enjoy. Feel Good and Live Long.

OP: Tell us a little bit about Glorious Garlic. Enjoy. Feel Good and Live Long. What is it about?

Valerie: The use of garlic for both health and culinary purposes.

OP: Why did you decide to write this story?

Valerie: I am interested in anything having to do with good health and longevity.

OP: How did you get your book published?

Valerie: I self-published.

OP: What types of readers would be interested in this story?

Valerie: People who are interested in good health and cooking with garlic.

OP: What is special about your book?

Valerie: It is written so that the lay person can read and benefit from it. It is NOT a scientific treatise.

OP: What differentiates it from other books in the same category?

Valerie: The interesting chapter on the history of garlic use, and a chapter on garlic and sex, and the recipes.

OP: Have you published any other books?

Valerie: Yes, Ten Healthy Teas and Ten Spices for Health and Longevity

OP: Do you plan to publish more?

Valerie: Yes, I’m starting a book of vegetarian recipes.

OP: Thanks for your time, Valerie! We look forward to learning more about you as you visit other bloggers!


Valerie is a Master Herbalist and writes a blog called Simple Ways to stay healthy. Valerie writes about herbs, teas, spices and nutrition. Valerie lives in Florida and writes books about health with the help of her cats, British drama and comedy, and her love of vegetarian cooking. She is currently working on a vegetarian cookbook.

For more information or to contact the author, visit

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Amazon Featured Book of the Week

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The Quest to Know

by Deborah A. Kolander

(5 Stars – 1 Customer Review)

Price: $44.95

Deborah A. Kolander’s “The Quest to Know.” is an offering of channeling sessions with responses that will permeate your being and support your own awakening. Driven to seek answers, Deborah Kolander sought a greater guidance or truth to understand the world both seen and unseen. In this book, she shares these illuminating teachings and messages.

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Tactics for Stretching Your Book Advertising Budget

As a self-publishing author, you’re always looking for ways to get your book in front of new readers, and you’re probably looking for ways to stretch your marketing budget too. At Outskirts Press, our Co-Op Advertising Program is the solution!

The Outskirts Press Co-Op Advertising Program is a powerful, yet affordable tool that gives authors
premium advertising exposure for their book in high-quality magazines or periodicals with other Outskirts Press authors—but at a fraction of what it would cost to run a full-color ad on their own.

Authors marketing their books through the Co-op Advertising Program can secure premium exposure for a minimal amount of money. Each book will occupy a 2″ x 2.5″ space within a full-color, full-page or half-page ad alongside other Outskirts authors. The book’s ad space includes a full-color image of the book’s cover, an abbreviated synopsis, ISBN and retail price, along with all the ordering information necessary to purchase the book.

Outskirts Press offers its authors several options to choose from in the Co-Op Advertising Program. Imagine, YOUR book prominently featured in one of these industry favorites:

  • Foreword Magazine, which reaches over 10,000 librarians, booksellers, agents and other industry professionals
  • Spirituality & Health, which reaches over 200,000 readers exploring the spiritual journey to self-knowledge, authenticity and integration
  • Publishers Weekly, which targets 80,000 booksellers, publishers, librarians, wholesalers, distributors and agents, plus more than 360,000 unique monthly website visitors
  • Bookmarks Magazine, which targets a dedicated and affluent readership of 40,000 and growing
  • New York Times Sunday Book Review. Reach an audience of OVER 4 MILLION book buyers with a co-op advertisement in the go-to guide for holiday book shopping… The New York Times Sunday Book Review. Now is the time to start planning for holiday book marketing so reserve your space today

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Top 10 Ways to Use and Sell Your Book This Summer

When summer breezes in, authors will need to be ready with copies of their book for signing events, giveaways and, of course, those unpredictable opportunities to sell in person. An even 100 is a good starting point, but more or fewer is appropriate, depending on how much one-on-one selling you’re comfortable with. (We’re giving you some great ideas here — stay tuned!)

First, stock up with Outskirts Press now and you’ll get FREE shipping on orders of 50 books or more (within the continental United States). Plus, you’ll receive an additional 35-50% off your book order with our bulk discount … and still ship it free!

Now, why do you need those copies? Lots of reasons, but here are the top 10 places you can use your author copies and sell your book this summer:

  1. Independent Bookstores: Mom-and-pop shops in your local community are often more receptive to independently published authors, especially local ones, than the giant chain bookstores. Give them a free promotional copy of your book and a sales sheet, so they can determine whether to carry it. They’ll get a better margin ordering directly from the Outskirts Press bookstore than if they order from Ingram. And they’ll get the best deal if you leave them a stack on consignment. Owners of independent bookstores must compete with larger chains, and one way they do that is by offering their customers perks — like meeting a local author! Hint: You’ll find the bookstore proprietor will be much more willing to host your event if you offer to share the promotional responsibilities.
  2. Libraries: Introduce yourself as a local published author to local librarians and ask what resources are available to share your book with the community. Offer to do a book signing or reading event. If nothing else, offer to leave a copy for the library to display in the lobby and/or put into circulation.
  3. Writer’s Groups: Network with writer’s club members who have information or contacts that can help you increase your sales, and be ready to give copies of your book to people who may be able to pass it along to important power players, or who may simply be interested in reading it in exchange for an online review (or both!). Give them a taste of your book via a reading in a club meeting.
  4. Book Clubs: Reach out to local book clubs via social media sites like Facebook or MeetUp and propose your book for their summer read. This is a great way to sell 10+ copies of your book at a time. For information on how to create a Book Club Kit check out our How to Make a Book Club Kit TipSheet in your Author Center. Hint: Offer to lead the discussion at one of the meetings. Book clubs rarely turn down a chance to read books where they are certain to get the chance to meet the author personally.
  5. Coffee Shops: Local coffee shops are great places for book readings and signings. Ask if you can hang a poster of your book in their window or pin a promotional postcard or bookmark on their announcement board. Ask if they will consign your book as a point-of-sale purchase. Or offer to leave copies for patrons to read while they sip their coffee. If customers become engrossed in the story, they may go to Amazon to get their own copy to finish at home.
  6. Genre Retailers: Book signings and author events are not limited to bookstores. Yoga studios/gyms are great for health books. Kitchen gadget and independent grocery stores are great for recipe books (think yummy samples), toy stores are great for kids’ books, and lingerie stores work for romance novels. What kind of retailer is a good match for your book?
  7. Art Galleries: As a writer, you are an artist. If you can connect your book with an art gallery’s artwork (even if it’s just that you’re a local talent) they may be willing to consign your book. Ask if you can hang a poster of your book in their window.
  8. Restaurants: Restaurants are great venues for book events and great places to display your book poster. We’ve even seen local restaurants with books at the tables for patrons to read while they wait for their food.
  9. Radio and TV Stations: Send a pitch packet, including a copy of your book, to local radio and television stations offering to do interviews and live segments.
  10. Newspapers: Small-town publications regularly feature news briefs and announcements on everything from church events to student achievements to business openings. It’s not unusual for local newspapers to write feature stories, or at least a news brief, on newly published books from local authors or to publicize book signings or local events. Introduce yourself to the editor and leave him/her a copy of your book and sales sheet. In addition to a feature story or news brief, ask if the newspaper has a book review section or a place for serialized fiction. Leave another copy of your book for the book reviewer.

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Congratulations to the Outskirts Press Top 10 Best Sellers!

Periodically, Outskirts Press compiles book sales to identify our bestselling works. During our most recent tabulations, these 10 remarkable books sold nearly more than 3,500 copies in a variety of literary genres. From humor to inspiration to mystery, nearly every reading interest is represented is this impressive list.

At Gunpoint by Dr. Rahn Kennedy Bailey
One doctor takes a stand on firearm violence.”I have a great appreciation for the research presented by Dr. Rahn Bailey and his colleagues in the medical community. This anthology offers specific information that is unique to the concerns of gun violence. Firearms and gun violence in America have been at critical points of discussion for decades and this book challenges us to find solutions to this problem. Dr. Bailey and his colleagues offer a clinical medical perspective on gun violence and consider it a ‘health crisis.’ I was particularly drawn to a statement in the book that stood out for me: ‘We have a social responsibility to optimize the management, audit the outcome, and where possible, prevent the damage.’ As a member of the North Carolina Legislature, I find this medical view of gun violence to be a tremendous challenge that should be taken seriously.” – State Senator Paul A. Lowe, Jr. North Carolina District 32
The Polka Dot Tea Party by Vickie Riske
Polka dots are everywhere. Discovering shapes in nature is fun. Jackie loves polka dots and finds them everywhere in the desert. When you find polka dots of course you have to invite your friends to celebrate with a Polka Dot Tea Party. Can you find polka dots where you live?
Jerry’s Story by Robert W. Schrader
Jerry Burkley is a deputy sheriff in a fictional town and county in Wyoming. Jerry and others tell about his military experiences in Vietnam as a warrant officer helicopter pilot. Jerry meets, among other interesting people, an Army officer who becomes President of the United States. Jerry’s Story intertwines with a modern day western, chasing bank robbers through the mountains by airplane and on horses, Jerry’s progress as a deputy to becoming the Sheriff of Banner County, Wyoming, with a little bit of romance thrown in.
Purpose: A Shift by Joy E. Mason
In this book, author Joy E. Mason demonstrates how not to look in a distorted mirror for answers, not to be hijacked by our past, not to practice off-purpose thinking and self-grievance and more. She uses personal experiences, like joining a risky lawsuit and dealing with the reality of a brain tumor, as well as lessons of the spiritual leaders who guided her on her journey, to show how her perspective on a purpose-driven life changed over time and how that change led her to the peaceful space she’s in today. Warm, real, and relatable, this down-to-earth book is a practical roadmap to a more fulfilling way to be in the world.
What She Feels by Chidozie Osuwa
Dealing with love is never easy or straightforward, especially when it comes to prose and poetry, but Chidozie Osuwa handles this subject with a light touch and all of the grace of an artist sensitive to the complexities of experience. Hers is the heart of experience, and her language reflects the maturity of thought and wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of inquiry, exploration, and yes-the scars of heartbreak. Osuwa’s collection of poems avoids clichés and seizes upon fresh images, captivating readers everywhere and keeping this book in the Top 10.
Capitol Hill’s Criminal Underground by Richard Lawless
Perhaps one of the most thorough explorations of government corruption ever put in writing, this non-fiction account investigates the theft of trillions of U.S. dollars – money laundered in countries that are hostile to the United States. The ratings agencies, the banks and our politicians are funding anti-American activity against their own people. The FBI refuses to investigate, the U.S. Attorneys refuse to prosecute, and the Securities and Exchange Commission refuses to protect the public. With enough evidence to investigate and prosecute over one thousand high-ranking government employees, bankers, and politicians, Capitol Hill’s Criminal Underground will show that the level of arrogance and contempt our political leaders hold for the American people is boundless.
Legends of Beer-League Hockey by Curt Lesnau
Legends of Beer-League Hockey is a series of vignettes, memories and musings on the sport of hockey that are mostly funny and sometimes reflective. It’s the author and his hockey-loving, fun-seeking friends, their tournament road trips, and all the dicey and hilarious situations that go with it.
That None Should Perish by Harold B. Street Jr.
“‘Does God want me to be a missionary?’ he asked himself … Wasn’t he too old? And what about Mabel and the children?” Harold and Mabel Street became SIM pioneer missionaries to Ethiopia in 1933. They found harsh living conditions, sickness and tribal wars – but God was opening doors to establish an indigenous Ethiopian church. Mabel Street’s five-year diary of life in Ethiopia records the family’s daily experiences.
Living Life to the Fullest by Kevin Muldowney, PT
How to take your life back from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
This book was written to teach people with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) how to systematically progress through an exercise program to allow their muscles to support many joint subluxations commonly associated with this genetic disorder and have less pain. The exercise protocol outlined in this book was developed by a physical therapist from Rhode Island, Kevin Muldowney, MSPT, who has been treating people with EDS since 2005.
The King of NO by Loyall Wilson
Tony was Mrs. Smith’s Investment Advisor. She trusted and loved him like he was her son. He did everything for her from making home repairs, filing her taxes, installing a sprinkler system, too ensuring she received a monthly check to live on. Mrs. Smith’s statement actually indicated she was making a substantial return on her investments. Fast forward time and now some stranger was at her door, trying to convince her the person she loved most in the world and whom she had known his whole life, was a thief.

Outskirts Press wishes to congratulate these successful authors for the dedication to craft that produced these amazing books, and to the dogged marketing efforts that led them to selling success.

These titles and many others are available from major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Books-A-Million and elsewhere-not to mention, through the Outskirts Press Bookstore at a considerable discount. To learn more about our products and services, as well as upcoming and current promotions, visit us online at!

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