Why Audiobooks Are a ‘Sound’ Decision

Successful self-published authors know their odds of earning sales increase with every new format or buying method they offer to their readers. Paperbacks, hardcovers, ebooks and downloadable PDFs are all par for the course; likewise, big booksellers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, etc., are requisite selling venues. For many authors, it’s almost unthinkable to leave out any of these options.

But there’s one oft-overlooked publishing option we haven’t yet mentioned — and it’s on the cusp of making the must-have list: audiobooks! It’s not just commuters who are looking for good books to listen to. Audiobooks are ideal for:

  • Visually impaired book enthusiasts
  • Educators who play audiobooks in the classroom
  • Churches offering spiritual/Christian book passages in their Bible study
  • Storytime for youngsters who cannot yet read
  • Instilling the love of reading in children through professionally delivered tales

When you make your print book available as an Audiobook, you open up availability to all of these audiences! This month, Outskirts Press is offering 50% OFF our Audiobook Publication and Distribution option — so you can have your book ready for a growing audience of literary audiophiles.

The Outskirts Press custom audiobook starts with five narrator auditions and a 15-minute recording preview, so you can make any last-minute adjustments to tone and pace for the final edition. The Audiobook Publication and Distribution option also includes:

  • a properly formatted Audiobook file provided to distribution chains including: Amazon, Audible, iTunes, Audiobooks.com and Barnes & Noble
  • an Audiobook cover
  • a retail sample to use for promoting your Audiobook
  • industry-leading royalties paid to you directly by the audiobook distributors

Want to keep your book on-trend — and expand your revenue streams — by making your book available in Audiobook format? It only takes one click to get started at 50% OFF

  1. Add our custom Audiobook Publication and Distribution option to your cart.
  2. Enter promo code HalfOff-Audio at checkout.
  3. We’ll get to work on a professional Audiobook version of your book!

Need more details about this option before making your decision? Chat with a Publishing Consultant using the live chat option on our website – www.outskirtspress.com.

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On the 12 Days of Christmas, Outskirts Press Gives to Thee

The 12 Days of Christmas aren’t just about giving and receiving – at least they don’t have to be. The first half of December can also be a good stretch of time to check items off your holiday honey-do list without getting overwhelmed.

Simply break up your holiday tasks into 12 equal parts and tackle one a day. Day 1, shop for Christmas baking supplies. Day 2, make your first dozen cookies. Day 3, sign your greeting cards and Day 4, mail them. Day 5, clean the living room … and so on. Soon enough, you’ll have mailed and baked-up joy to the world and your own corner of it will be in order.

To help you check a few things off your self-publishing to-do’s, Outskirts Press is offering a deal a day—each of which you’ll find far more valuable than the partridge and pear tree of lore. There are a dozen amazing days of saving, so mark your calendar for the days and deals that warm the cockles of your heart—then get them while they last. Here’s what we’re planning:

1. $100 OFF the eBook Bundle – Promo Code: EliteSavings-100
2. Buy 1, Get 1 Author Book Banner Graphic ($100 value!) – Promo Code: Banner-Free
3. 20% OFF Book Video ($80 savings) – Promo Code: Save20-BkVid
4. FREE First Chapter Flipbook ($99 value) when you buy First Chapter Distribution – Promo Code: Free-FCbook
5. 50 FREE Bookmarks ($20 value) when you buy Custom Bookmarks – Promo Code: 50free-Bookmarks
6. FREE NOOK Edition ($249 value) when you buy the iPad Edition – Promo Code: NookFree-iPad
7. FREE Custom Sales Sheet ($149 value) when you buy the Personal Marketing Assistant option – Promo Code: FreeSales-PMA
8. $50 OFF the Amazon Launch Bundle – Promo Code: Save50-AmazonLaunch
9. FREE Google Books Submission Service ($99 value) when you buy the Book Launch Bundle – Promo Code: GetGoogleFree
10. $50 OFF Kindle eBook Edition – Promo Code: Kindle50
11. ONLY $1,000 for the Global Book Tour (save $169) – Promo Code: GoGlobal
12. FREE Author Banner Ad ($149 value) when you buy Author Platform Set-Up Through Social Media – Promo Code: FreeBannerads


The savings won’t last long, so mark your marketing calendar and visit our Facebook page for updates on the deal of the day. When your favorite rolls around, get it while it lasts!

When you’re ready to grab the deal of your choice, log into your account and click on the “Marketing Options” icon.


Why You Should Get on Social Media (and How to Set Up for 10% OFF)

Have you harnessed the massive power of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media sites? If not, you should … pronto!

While these and other online social apps were originally conceived to let people connect with friends, family and business colleagues, there’s also huge potential to reach out to readers. Plus, Outskirts Press is offering 10% OFF Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media for a limited time. This option includes professional profile set-up on all the major social media sites, so you can efficiently reach out to a large audience!

Many, if not most, of the people in your target audience are already active on social media. With the right approach, you can zero in on the readers among them in a way that builds trust and interest. In many cases, successful authors have social media to thank for putting them on the map. They are using these platforms to perform free marketing tasks, such as:

  • To announce a new book release
  • To promote book events and personal appearances
  • To gather reader insights to refine future writing and marketing
  • To run special discounts and social media giveaways

So, why not take advantage of the global nature of the internet? After all, once your social media accounts are established, it takes mere minutes a day to stay engaged with potential readers, build relationships and, ultimately, raise your visibility online.

To get these platforms established and get 10% OFF, simply place the Author Platform Set-up Through Social Media in your shopping cart and enter Promo Code 10Social at checkout.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get social!


Save Time, Spare Your Sanity—and Trim 10% from Marketing Assistance!

There are so many tools and channels modern self-publishing authors can use to promote a new book that the process can be overwhelming. In fact, many authors say book marketing is even more stressful than the writing itself.

In the interest of saving time — and preserving your sanity — consider enlisting the expertise of an experienced book marketing professional, who comes preloaded with a wealth of marketing knowledge on instant recall. This month, Outskirts Press is taking 10% off its Personal Marketing Assistant service to get you started on the promotional road. More on that in a bit, but here’s how it works.

An Outskirts Press Personal Marketing Assistant, or PMA, is an advisor on strategic marketing and sales with relevant experience in the literary field. They are enthusiastic book fans, dedicated advocates and determined spokespersons. But they’re so much more than cheerleaders!

An Outskirts Press PMA is charged with providing every self-publishing author with tangible and practical tools that will help them market effectively for years to come, including:

  • a detailed marketing plan to guide your promotional efforts
  • resources, tips and connections for radio and print promotion
  • a thoughtful and well-developed social media marketing plan
  • outreach and follow-up on marketing campaign leads

If you find yourself lost on how to develop a book marketing plan or struggling to prioritize the book sales strategies, it may be time to consult with a Personal Marketing Assistant. He or she will provide you with a detailed marketing plan that gives you a clear understanding of where, when and how to set your plan in motion, and the confidence that your book sales will never again be at the mercy of directionless fate.

Then, your PMA can relieve you of time-consuming responsibilities, such as arranging your first book signings or interviews, identifying reviewers, reaching out to media or other tasks you don’t have the time or expertise to tackle. It’s a 5-hour jumpstart that saves you weeks of aggravation and lost opportunities!

All you need to do to take advantage of the offer is add the Personal Marketing Assistant option to your shopping cart and enter the promo code PMA10Save at checkout.

Start and finish 2018 knowing with all the confidence of an author in full control of the publishing and marketing processes!

Are You Ready for Selling? Stock Up for the New Year with Free Shipping on Author Copies

It’s a new year, complete with new opportunities to make your mark on the book-buying public. Are you ready for it? By getting prepared for book marketing and selling opportunities, you’ll make a positive impression, important connections and plenty of unanticipated sales!

The most important rule of preparation is also the simplest: Have copies of your book in hand. The simple step of keeping copies close-by means you’ll be ready to make the most of:

  • Last-minute book-signing events
  • radio, tv and newspaper publicity offers
  • book award submissions
  • review submissions
  • book giveaways to promote on social media
  • gifts to family and friends

To help you get ready for this prime selling time, Outskirts Press is offering FREE SHIPPING on orders of 50 or more copies of your book within the continental U.S. all through January — just in time to help you keep your resolution to sell, sell, sell!

Plus, you can take advantage of high-volume discounts and receive up to an additional 50% off your order-and still get your shipping at no charge!

Here’s how to get free shipping:

  1. Log in to your Publishing Center, select “order books” and place an order for 50 or more copies of your book(s) in a single format before January 31
  2. Select normal ground shipping with a delivery address within the continental United States and proceed with checkout (No promotion code is necessary. You will see the free shipping offer reflected in your total once you place your order.)
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Rock the Red Carpet and Save 10%!

Did you publish a book in 2017? Now’s the time to get a head start on those upcoming award submission deadlines for books published in this last calendar year, and the list of to-dos stretches long and far ahead. And while no one disputes that awards are important, and perhaps even vital, to a book’s overall sales, the logistics are indisputably a challenge!

But what if you could ensure that your book is in contention for a number of awards without having to worry about those logistics? And what if you could do so at a really affordable price?

This is exactly what Outskirts Press intends to do for you by offering its popular and fantastic Book Awards Submissions package at a 10% discount in December! After all, you should have the chance to enjoy the incredible benefits of submitting your book for awards without all the hassle.

What are those rewards? When you win an award, you receive third-party validation that your book is worthy. You may win prize money (two of the awards included in the Book Awards Submissions package come with cash prizes). Your book will be featured on the awards website in question. It is also traditional for these awards to send out press releases with winners and finalists included, and you yourself can send out a press release of your own announcing your award … just for that little extra jot of publicity!

Winning an award means you can add a sleek award sticker to your book cover that consumers, librarians, and booksellers will take note of. After all, people really do judge books by their covers … and they buy accordingly! But there are other, less tangible benefits to the awards submission process, including the fact that you gain credibility as a writer and a competitive edge in the self-publishing market, as well as serious bragging rights and a fantastic conversation-starter and linchpin for interviews. It summons an immeasurably great feeling to say “My book is up for an award!” no matter what the context.

If you choose to purchase the Book Awards Submissions package, your book will be submitted to:

  1. The Writer’s Digest International Self-Publishing Book Awards
  2. The USA Book News’ National Best Books Awards
  3. The Next Generation Indie Book Awards
  4. The Reader Views Literary Awards
  5. ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Awards
  6. The Benjamin Franklin Awards

Each of these awards represents a significant investment of time, energy, and yes, occasionally money in order to submit to. By purchasing the Book Awards Submissions package, however, you get to leave that work up to our talented team of professionals, who will run all the checks and vault all possible obstacles in order to ensure that your book receives the best possible foot up in the awards circuit by managing all of the logistics and individual submissions requirements. And now, for a limited time, you can receive 10% off Book Awards Submissions.

To take advantage of this great deal, log into your Publishing Center, add the Book Awards Submissions package to your shopping cart and enter promo code Book_Awards at check out.

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Find Amazon Success with the Amazon Launch Bundle

Ever wonder what makes some authors so successful on Amazon and how you too can stand out on this popular site? Much of their success, and yours, comes down to findability —- readers need to be able to find you.

Outskirts Press’ Amazon Launch Bundle is the ultimate weapon in the arsenal of findability. It combines stellar Author Profile, Search Inside functionality, and full Listing Optimization together in order to provide you a leg up among your competitors!

With the Amazon Launch Bundle, your book will:

  • be more visible: your Author Profile which includes your entire bibliography of published books, all your book videos and/or video teasers, a direct RSS feed to your author blog, and more!
  • be searchable: this is a key factor in readers’ decisions when scoping out new books for purchase. The feature invites potential customers to electronically “flip” through a small section of the book.
  • show up in search engine results far more frequently: The professional copywriters at Outskirts will help you utilize the content that search engines respond to and get your book the attention it deserves.

For a limited time, you can receive 10% off Amazon Launch Bundle.

To launch your Amazon platform and save 10%, log into your Publishing Center and add the Amazon Launch Bundle to your shopping cart. Enter promo code Save10_Launch at checkout.

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