Think about the most beautiful book cover you’ve ever seen . . .

You know a good cover when you see it. We all do! It’s the cover we can’t stop looking at—it’s the cover that gets us to pick up a book. In an age when readers are making purchasing decisions in minutes—even seconds—your book cover is the most persuasive marketing approach you have.

Publish with Outskirts Press now, and that priceless marketing and selling tool is our gift to you! We’ll give you a FREE Custom Cover Design (valued at $399) for your book when you purchase the Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing package! Our expert designers help you think about color, style, and feel. First, we ask you what kinds of covers you like and why. Then we help you translate the successes of those covers into your own success.

You’ll also receive a free Amazon Kindle edition of your book. This is yet another place where your custom cover will appear and another method for your readers to buy your book.

To enhance your book with a sales-boosting, professional custom cover, just place the Ultimate or Full-Color Publishing in your shopping cart and enter the novfreecov promo code at checkout. This offer is good for only a short time, so reach out, and we’ll help you choose your best self-publishing option. Connect with Outskirts Press now in whatever manner is easiest for you:

“This was my second book with Outskirts Press, and I was very happy about that. When my third book is ready, I will contact my Author Representative again. Communication was so good that I accused her of working 24/7! Her help with my cover was fantastic.” —Michael Meadows, Interlude of the Dragons: The Gods of Olympus—Book II

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