Vote now for the winner of the “Show Us Your Love” video contest and help us decide who will win a brand new laptop!

heart-bigIt’s time to vote for the winner of the 5th annual “Show Us Your Love” video contest!

We received a lot of really great videos this year with authors expressing their deep and abiding love for their books — and for Outskirts Press. We could only select three finalists, but you can check out all of the videos submitted for the contest in our YouTube Playlist here.

The three videos with the most “likes” on the Outskirts Facebook page from among all the entries submitted this year have been selected for a public vote to determine the winner. The poll ends Friday, February 26th, 5 p.m. MST, and the winner will be announced on March 1st.

Below are the three finalists for this year’s contest. Watch the videos and place your vote. The author whose video earns the most votes will win a brand-new 15.6 HP touch-screen laptop.

Self-Published author, Florina Petre, author of “Vivo, The Magic Bear,” shows her love for Outskirts Press.

Self-publishing author, Craig A. Combs, author of “Blue Smoke,” shows his love for Outskirts Press.

Self-publishing author, Rebekah McKamie, author of “The Snow Fence,” shows her love for Outskirts Press.

With the social media exposure all entrants have received on Outskirts Press’ Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, and Twitter Feed, all participants come out winners.

Place your vote now and subscribe to our blog or check back on March 1st to see who wins.

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    • Based on the intro in the contest, I’m definitely motivated to read reviews on amazon when the book gets released!!! When is this likely to happen?

      Thank you, Craig, for writing this book and for self-publishing it!!! I believe it will lift the hearts of a great many people, and stimulate them to step into who they really are.

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