Introducing the amazing Amazon Author Sweepstakes from Outskirts Press

Everyone loves the convenience of Amazon. And everyone loves free sweepstakes. This exciting new marketing option for Outskirts Press authors combines “Amazon” with “Free” so you can offer your very own Amazon sweepstakes to attract more readers! Your free book giveaway will be widely promoted to tens of thousands of participants and Outskirts Press handles everything for you (even the free books!)

Every Amazon Author Sweepstakes book receives its own blog posting on the Outskirts Press blog, which is automatically shared across our social media community, including Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. That means literally tens of thousands of potential buyers are learning about your book (and trying to win a free copy). And those who don’t win, are urged to buy it anyway. Even if they don’t win, you do!

That’s not even the best part! The best part is that you receive your FULL royalty on every free book given away and on all the additional books you sell to participants who didn’t win but who are interested in your book anyway, after learning about it from the amazing Amazon Author Sweepstakes.

Since only two Amazon Author Sweepstakes run each week, spaces fill up fast, and are fulfilled on a first come — first served basis.

So don’t delay. Order today!

For more details, or to order, click the button below:

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