“Show Me Your Love” Winner, Cynthia Panks Wins a Free Laptop!

The videos were fantastic. The voting was tight. The love was spread. When all was said and done, Cynthia Panks, author of Twins’ Night Before Christmas, was named our big winner of the “Show me Your Love” contest. Cynthia’s video was well-done and it’s obvious that her book is loved. Here’s the winning video:

Cynthia wins a sparkling black, HP 2000-2d65NR 15.6-inch laptop complete with Windows 8 for being the finalist receiving the most public votes for her video in the 3rd Annual Outskirts Press “Show Me Your Love” promotion. Congratulations, Cynthia!

All of Cynthia’s grandchildren are twins; her two daughters each have a set of twin girls; one set is identical and the other, fraternal. She and her husband are retired educators who reside in their hometown, Slidell, Louisiana, where she continues to write and work as a Freelance Video Editor. You may also visit her webpage at www.twinsbookshelf.com.

“Twins’ Night Before Christmas” was released in January 2014 and is a universal and timeless gift to be treasured by both young and old. In the magic of the Christmas season, its endearing story evokes an understanding of the importance of individual identity to a child. When Matilda and Monica, identical twin sisters, visit Santa at the mall, they are surprised when he addresses each of them by their given name. “How did Santa do it? Did he just guess? Twin identity crisis can cause so much stress. If friends cannot do it, how did this jolly elf recognize each twin for her unique self? Was he just lucky to get their names right? Will he really know them on Christmas Eve night?” Matilda and Monica decide to put Santa to the “big test” by playing a twin game with him when he arrives at their home on Christmas Eve night.

Poll Results

Video #2 – Cynthia Panks, “Twins’ Night Before Christmas” 61%
Video #1 – Mary James, “When Freedom Turned Green” 36%
Video #3 – Bill Sherod, “Search for the Hidden Valley “ 3%

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