Celebrate National Poetry Month With These Book Marketing Tips

Roses are red, violets are blue…I can finish this poem, I bet you can, too!   

April is National Poetry Month and a perfect time to market a poetry book or even write one of your own if you haven’t already.  Once you have published your volume of poetry, these 5 tips can help you effectively market it:

  1. Know your audience. Understand who your readers are and where they are. Find ways to connect with your target readers. 
  2. Create a website. Create your own professional website for your work. Include samples of your poetry  and your biography. Creating a blog helps to move you up in the search engine rankings.
  3. Enter poetry contests. Submit your work to various contests locally, regionally and even nationally. Winning, or even simply entering, contests draws attention to you and to your work. If possible, include your biography and your website.
  4. Promote on social media outlets. The best way to spread the news about your poetry and you as a writer is through social media. Join poetry and writing groups through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  5. Engage in poetry forums. Join a poetry forum or poetry related website to share your work with other poets and writers. Be sure to engage others and invite them to participate in your poetry. Any time you post, be sure to include your website address.

Keep in mind that there are many ways to promote and market your book. These are only a few of the effective areas. Celebrate National Poetry Month in April and start writing!

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Chuks Maduadi is the CEO of Mac-Adisons Ltd., a building/civil engineering company based in Nigeria. He is also the founder of Achievers Motivational Centre Ltd., a self-development resource dedicated to motivational writing, public speaking, life coaching, and publishing. Chuks holds a master’s degree in construction management, and is a corporate member of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) and of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE). He encourages everyone to look beyond their circumstances and pursue excellence and self-actualization. His passion is inspiring people to become their best by hard work, determination, persistence, and perseverance.

His life story, as revealed in this powerful book, demonstrates that it is possible to rise from poverty and climb the ladder of success. He emphasizes that no matter the obstacles stacked against you, you can actualize your life’s dreams. Mastering Your Destiny prepares and equips you to maximize your life experiences and become the best you are destined to be. Regardless of who you are or where you have come from, you will be enlightened, encouraged, and inspired to go beyond your limitations to fulfill your God-ordained calling in life.

Chuks Maduadi, author of Mastering Your Destiny

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