Send Your Book Around the World in 2013

Let Outskirts Press send your book on a first-class trip around the world!  The Global Book Tour is right around the corner and you don’t want to miss this great opportunity get your book in front of tens of thousands of people.  

The Global Book Tour includes stops at the London Book Fair (April 2013), BookExpo America (BEA) (May/June 2013), Beijing International Book Fair (August/September 2013), and the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 2013). You and your book can potentially receive an obscene amount of exposure with this tour.  By purchasing the full tour, you save 25% off the cost of sending your book to these fairs individually.

The Outskirts Press Global Book Tour is a great way to network with others around the world from the comfort of your own living room. You will be supplied with knowledgeable reps at every major book event who can sell a potential buyer on your book, and you will experience “hands off” book marketing at its finest.

During each of these events, your book will receive valuable, face-out exposure on an exclusive shelf with 4-7 other Outskirts Press titles (depending on the various sizes of the books) and a representative will be available to personally answer questions about your book. Outskirts Press will provide the necessary copies of the book and all the necessary contact information for both the author and publisher, so interested parties can make further contact, during or after the fair. All inquiries Outskirts Press receives about your book will be forwarded directly to you for personal follow-up.

These book tours are not just for newly published books either.  Global Book Tour statistics show that books published years ago are just as popular as new ones.  In today’s world, word-of-mouth and social marketing are the most effective marketing tools in the world.  The Global Book Tour accomplishes just that for your book.

Don’t wait. Space is available on a limited first come, first served basis. 

For more information or to reserve your spot in all 4 book fairs, visit:

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