Pick Your Promotion: 20% Off the Writing Service of Your Choice

Through July Outskirts Press is offering 20% on writing, publishing, and marketing services. It began during the 4th of July holiday, where we offered 20% discounts on our Diamond and Pearl services. Then, last week, we asked you to pick the book marketing promotion we would offer.  In a public poll, you selected 5 hours of Personal Marketing Assistance, which offered an instant 20% savings through July 10th.

Now, this week we’re doing it again. YOU get to choose the 20% promotion we run for one of our popular writing services!

The choices are below and the option receiving the highest number of votes on July 11th and 12th will be available for a 20% discounted price July 13 – July 16. We will share the Promotion Code and the winning option on this blog, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account after the voting is complete. Vote today so you can save tomorrow!

Poetry Publishing KitPoetry Publishing Kit

Imagine publishing a fully-formatted, professionally-designed volume of your poetry. Imagine simply “cutting’n’pasting” your poems into designated areas of an already-formatted document. Fast & easy! Imagine, still, that elements like justification, centering, page spreads, margins, page numbering, graphical elements, and title drops are already taken care of. That’s how easy it is to publish with the Poetry Publishing Kit.  Click here to learn more about this option or scroll to the poll at the bottom of this posting to vote…


Fully illustrated custom children's bookFully Illustrated Custom Children’s Book

This heartwarming children’s story is already written and already illustrated. All you need to do is provide the names of the three main characters (two children and a puppy). Then give your book a title and indicate who you want to be recognized as the author (typically you). Click here to learn more about this option for a girl, or click here to learn more about this option for a boy. Or scroll to the poll at the bottom of this posting to vote…


CCustom Article Writing and Distributionustom Article Ghostwriting/Distribution

One of the proven ways to market yourself and your book on the Internet is to write and distribute related articles that demonstrate your expertise in your subject matter. You choose the topic, provide any background information you have available, and we’ll write the 700-1000 word article for you. Then we distribute it throughout the Internet where bloggers, RSS feeds, XML feeds, article archives, forums, and other websites can “pick it up” for distribution. Click here to learn more about this option or scroll to the poll at the bottom of this posting to vote…

So, what’ll it be? You tell us….

Don’t wait! Voting begins NOW and ends tomorrow, July 12. The winning writing service 20% discount runs from July 13 – July 16.


    • For anyone out there wh’is interested, I just learned from a librarian-friend that promotions work best in the months leading up to publication. So, start the hype early and often, but especially early!

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