Outskirts Press EVVY Award Winners 2006-2008

 Congratulations to the Outskirts Press EVVY Award winning books published in 2005, 2006, and 2007. The 2009 EVVY Awards will take place in the spring of 2009 to recognize top independent books published in 2008.

To learn more about the EVVY Awards and how to qualify for an official Outskirts Press nomination, click here.

2008 Official Outskirts Press EVVY Winners
Long Neck
by Michael Willert
1st Place
The Cross of Lorraine Murders

by Bill Ison
1st Place
Ordinary Valor
How Prostate Cancer Saved My Life and How You Can Save Yours
by Robert J Mignone, M.D., F.A.P.A.
2nd Place
Don’t Mind Me, I’m Just Passing Through
by Kregg P.J. Jorgenson
3rd Place
Marshmallows and Bikes
Teaching Children (and Adults) Personal Finance
by Brian Nelson Ford
3rd Place
An Anthology of Respect
The Pullman Porters National Historic Registry Of African American Railroad Employees
by Lyn Hughes     

The Nexus Colony
by G. F. Schreader
No Laughing Matter
An Izzy Brand Mystery
by Irv Sternberg
2007 Official Outskirts Press EVVY Winners
Building a Champion Character: A Practical Guidance Program
by Susan R. Rose, M. Ed.
1st Place
Defending Liars
by Howard L. Salter
1st Place
RV Rentals
by Dave & Kay Corby
1st Place
Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
by Ruthy Sturgill
2nd Place
The Struggle Among Ideas
by J. Ivey Davis
2nd Place
The War Chest
by Gary W. Buehner
2nd Place
Blue Max
by N. G. Brown
3rd Place
See Sally Kick Ass
by Fred Vogt
3rd Place
Simple Successes
by Rachelle Zola
3rd Place
Wake Up with Fleas
by Carla Kienast
3rd Place
Aidan’s Shoes
by Brent Sampson
Fly Me to the Moon
by H. E. Logue, M.D.
Full-Bodied and Peppery
by Christine Feller
Into the Light
by Debra P. Whitehead
The Literary Six
by Vince A. Liaguno
2006 Official Outskirts Press EVVY Winners
Adios, Havana
by Andrew Rodriguez
1st Place
Enough Already!
by Bob Tyler
1st Place
I Want to Make Money in the Stock Market
by Chris M. Hart, Sr.
2nd Place
Yellowstone to Denali
by Clay Cunningham  
3rd Place
Sneezy Neezy
by Rick Handloser
Making a Difference
by Dr. Rhonda Hackett
Self-Publishing Simplified
by Brent Sampson
Son of Orbiting Death Ray Platform
by Dr. Heinrich Heildmon

The EVVY Book Awards

Each year, the EVVY Awards recognize excellence in independently published books. Sponsored by the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, the EVVY Awards are judged by a 3rd-party panel of professionals on a qualitative scale of merit in nineteen different categories.

All Colorado publishers are eligible to enter their books for recognition and awards. In the past, first, second, and third place winners in each category have received a framed award recognizing their accomplishment, along with award-winning stickers to affix to their book covers.

For the past several years, Outskirts Press has officially nominated approximately 5% of the books they publish each year for submission to the annual EVVY Awards. These Official Outskirts Press nominations represent the very best of our publications as determined by Outskirts Press executives, members of the production teams, and marketing department.  As such, only books published with the Diamond and full-color Pearl packages are considered.

Potential nominees are notified via email in the fall of each year. There is no obligation to accept the nomination; just being recognized is a great accomplishment. Outskirts Press official nominees and winners typically receive additional exposure of their books on the Outskirts Press email newsletters and blogs. 

Select nominees and winners in the past have also been invited to be featured in full-page ads within the pages of national writing magazines like Writer’s Digest, Poets & Writers, and The Writer. These invitations are sent to select authors at Outskirts Press’s sole discretion and there is no additional cost to participate in the advertisement (nor is there any obligation to).

If a nominated author accepts the nomination, Outskirts Press submits the nominated book to the annual EVVY Awards contest.  Outskirts Press takes care of all the details. Winners are announced each spring
during a ceremonial banquet dinner celebration in Denver, Colorado, which in the past has been hosted by Dom Testa of Denver’s #1-rated Dom & Jane Morning Show.

Like all book contests, the EVVY Awards are very competitive and only the highest-caliber books are recognized from the publisher’s submissions across the state. Unlike other book contests, fewer than 500 total entries are submitted, increasing the statistical odds that an Outskirts Press Official Nominee will be recognized as an award-winning publication. For the past several years, Outskirts Press has received the most awards among all participating publishers.


  1. Publish your book with Outskirts Press
  2. Publish with either the Diamond package (for b/w books) or the Pearl package (for full-color)
  3. Strongly consider the optional copyediting and custom cover options.  With over 2,000 published books each year, competition to be nominated is fierce. These optional services will help your book meet the highest quality standards.
  4. Keep an eye on your copyright date. For example, books with a 2007 copyright date were nominated in the fall of 2007. Books with a copyright date of 2008 will be nominated in the fall of 2008. Books with a copyright date of 2009 will be nominated in the fall of 2009, etc. Once the calendar year has expired, books featuring that year’s copyright date are no longer eligible for nomination.
  5. Market, market, market. Promote, promote, promote. Bring your successes to the attention of the Outskirts Press Author Support department. Winning awards in other contests helps tremendously; we like nominating award-winning books!

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To see past winners from 2005, 2006, and 2007, click here. 

3 tips for self-publishing a full color children’s book

Have you ever considered writing and publishing
a children’s book, either to share with your children,
your family, or with the whole wide world?

Believe it or not, it is easier than you might think. With full-color on-demand publishing, children’s books as short as four pages can be designed, printed, published, and distributed worldwide.

Here are 3 quick tips for writing your children’s book:

  1. Write for your audience – Do not use words that are inappropriate for the age group. For instance, did you know the longest word in the English language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconiosis?
  2. Make every page countWhile Outskirts Press can publish children’s books as short as 4 pages, the two most common lengths are 16 pages and 32 pages.
  3. Maintain a moral It’s important that someone in the story demonstrates positive traits. Children seek role models in stories.

What about original full-color illustrations?

It used to be that adding full-color drawings to your children’s story was the largest obstacle of all. Children’s illustrations used to be very expensive, they would take forever to be finished, and the artist often wanted to split the royalties with you.

No longer! Now you can choose from over a dozen different styles, starting as low as $100 per full-page original illustration. Plus, you don’t have to split any of your royalties with the artist!

Take a peek at some of the award-winning illustration styles available when you publish your full color children’s story with Outskirts Press:


See all of our illustration styles here.

(Hint: Full-color publishing works for non-children’s books, too. Any book that requires full-color interior printing will do…)

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One self-published author’s story


“My entry as a newbie into the culture of publishing began when I attended several writers’ conferences. There I discovered hundreds of dejected writers clutching manuscripts of the next Great American Novel, lamenting their struggle finding an agent who would fall in love with their work. So when, within a week of my very first foray, I received a call from one of New York’s most coveted agencies asking to represent Break And Hold, I was jubilant. It was a Sally-Fields-at-the-Oscars moment. You mean you like me? You really like me?

No sooner had the ink dried on the contract than I lost control of Break And Hold. A thirteen-month roller-coaster began where the book languished on the desks of the Top Ten publishers, who all turned it down. We didn’t quite fall in love with it, they parroted. Nevertheless the agency prevailed upon me to be patient. It’s the nature of the beast, they cooed. We love it – we’ll find a home for your book. Give us six more months, they begged. Finally in a moment of clarity, I wrenched the book back.

Enter … Outskirts Press, a brilliantly conceived, all-encompassing book publishing service that delivers. Break And Hold found a home. My articulate, informed, author representative extraordinaire, was assigned. Never once was I left in suspended animation. Printing was expedited at jet speed to meet a deadline for a book signing at the U.S. Open. Nobody dropped the ball. The final product was extraordinary. There is more … a series of interviews on national radio talk shows and television addressing the timely issues raised in Break And Hold are booked throughout 2008.

You know what, Outskirts Press? I like you. I really like you.”

-Vivien Kalvaria,
successfully published Outskirts Press author of Break And Hold

Make your dreams come true, too! Start publishing today!

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5 Self-Publishing Tips for Television Book Promotion

Getting on TV can definitely help build buzz for your book. No matter who publishes your book, these 5 tips will help you:

1. Be unique

If you believe some estimates, there are over 400,000 books published every year in America. Not only does your book have to be different, but so do you. And you need to be able to demonstrate that unique quality in an appealing, personable way. Television is a visual medium – your uniqueness cannot be off-putting; it needs to be engaging.

When teenage author Montana Hintermann appeared on NBC for her first book, her age made her unique. She wrote Envisioned when she was just 14 and published it professionally with Outskirts Press just 2 years later. Her success story lead to television interviews on NBC, additional press coverage in local papers, and the publication of her second book with Outskirts Press, titled Sahara’s Tears.

2. Be courteous

Television producers are busy people and they are constantly under a deadline. There is a fine line between persistent and annoying. Cross the line at your peril. Get to know the producer’s schedule and always make contact when you know they are not “on-deadline.” How do you know? You ask them. The first words out of your mouth during a phone call with a television producer should be “Are you on-deadline at the moment?”

3. Be prepared

Yes, being on Good Morning America or Oprah is a great goal. In fact, the exclusive Outskirts Press Marketing COACH offers a crash course on Oprah within the first year after your book is published with Outskirts Press. Before aiming for Oprah, aim for the local television market. Practice being in front of the camera and on live television so that when your moment to shine comes, you are brilliant!

4. Be professional

Television shows are not interested in helping you sell copies of your book. That will be a by-product of a successful appearance. Instead, they are interested in entertaining and educating their viewers. Be engaging,
professional, entertaining, and knowledgeable about your subject. Share information with the viewers. If you are a good guest, the show will promote your book for you, and they may invite you back.

5. Be timely

Television is immediate. It is here and now. You have to make a timely connection to your book, based upon a holiday or a current events story already in the news. Don’t expect the producer to make the timely connection for you. Your pitch should focus on how timely your subject matter is. If you’re not sure what is happening in the news, start watching the news. You cannot be news worthy if you are not news savvy.

Outskirts Press author Barbara Bitela appeared on CBS to discuss her book, The Art of Regifting during the shopping and holiday season. The timeliness of her topic and her steadfast adherence to the 4 tips above also lead to a feature interview on National Public Radio.

Is there a reason Outskirts Press authors are so successful at generating buzz for their books? Perhaps it is because Outskirts Press books look professional and meet industry standards and specifications (like perfect bindings and price-embedded barcodes). Or perhaps it is because the exclusive Outskirts Press Marketing COACH assists published authors for years after publication.

No matter the reasons, Outskirts Press can lead to wonderful success stories for you, too. Yes, the power
of the press works wonders for all authors, regardless of who publishes your book. It just may be harder if you publish somewhere else.

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Go for the Gold (Book Marketing Package)

Introducing the fastest, most affordable way to get all the marketing materials you need for a successful book launch! Save 33% over a la carte pricing.


  • 1000 custom bookmarks
  • 1000 custom business cards
  • 1000 custom postcards
  • 10 posters (11″ x 17″)

Here are the specific details:

The Gold Marketing Package includes 1000 high quality, full-color, bookmarks, including delivery directly to your house within the continental United States. The back is fully customized for your book based upon information from your author’s center.Bookmark details….

  • Your cover image is on the front in full cover
  • Your book synopsis and webpage URL is on the back in black/white
  • 2″ x 6″ laminated stock
  • You see and approve a digital proof before printing

self publishing business cardsThe Gold Marketing Package includes 1000 high quality, full-color business cards, including delivery directly to your house within the continental United States. The back is fully customized for you, as the author, based upon information from your author’s center.Business Card details….

  • Your cover image is on the front in full cover
  • Your contact information is on the back in black/white
  • 2″ x 3.5″ laminated stock
  • You see and approve a digital proof before printing

self-publishingThe Gold Marketing Package includes 1000 high quality, full-color postcards, including delivery directly to your house within the continental United States. The back is fully customized for you, as the author, based upon information from your author’s center.Postcard details….

  • Your cover image is on the front in full cover
  • Your book synopsis and webpage URL is on the back in black/white
  • 4″ x 6″ laminated stock
  • You see and approve a digital proof before printing

The Gold Marketing Package includes 10 high quality, full-color small posters, including delivery directly to your house within the continental United States.The small poster features:

  • 11″ x 17″ full color poster
  • Your cover image is on the front in full cover
  • The back is blank




Are you ready to “Go for the Gold?”  The Gold Marketing package is available for published Outskirts Press authors in their Author’s Center under the Marketing Options section.

Publish your book more profitably

This posting discusses something everyone cares about — money! Specifically, how much money your self-published book can earn, and the variables that contribute to that profit. The largest variables are the retail price and the pricing plan for your book.

A price plan involves your book’s trade discount. A “trade discount” is also known as a distributor discount. This is the percentage off your retail price that you offer to the publishing trade for distributing your published book. The “publishing trade” consists of wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. Everyone who handles your book takes a piece of the trade discount.

The larger the trade discount, the more money there is to split up among all the parties involved. And since everyone likes making money, the larger the trade discount, the more potential distribution and availability your book will enjoy. Standard trade discounts range from 50% – 70%.

Most self-publishing companies do not offer any information about their trade discounting policies up-front, nor do they give the author any say in the matter.

However some cutting-edge on-demand publishers offer their authors the flexibility of setting their own trade discount. Flexibility varies by publisher, and all this control can sometimes be overwhelming.

That is why Outskirts Press makes this complicated subject as easy (and still flexible and profitable) as possible by offering three custom pricing plans:

These pricing plans offer a 50%, 40%, and 25% trade discount, respectively. Advanced users can alter their discount even further, by going as low as 20% for online distribution, or as high as 55% for industry standard trade discounting.  These additional pricing adjustments are offered once the pre-production process has started.

The FTC prohibits different price plans for different types of distribution for a single ISBN, so each book must have one and only one price plan. As a result, there are some decisions to be made concerning the real distribution potential for your book (as opposed to the distribution you hope to achieve).

A 55% trade discount will often result in an industry standard 40% retail margin, which is what a typical book retailer seeks when considering whether or not to order or stock a book for a physical bookstore.  Some retailers, like Barnes & Noble, actually “mark” or “tag” books in their system that feature a trade discount lower than 50%. They do this for all books from all publishers as their way of indicating that a book has a “short discount” (less than 50%).  


Typically the book’s trade discount is set by the publisher and cannot be altered by the author. There are some publishers that give authors the power to set their own trade discount pricing plans. Of course, as the
saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. If your publisher gives you the power to set your own discount pricing plan, congratulations! You have a competitive advantage to increase the likelihood your book will be successful; you also have the responsibility to understand how different price plans may affect your book’s availability.

The Outskirts Press pricing calculator is a very handy tool that automatically estimates your book’s pricing before you submit it for publication anywhere, based upon page count estimates that you provide. You also see the advantages and disadvantages (the pros and cons, as it were) for each plan. That way, you are never surprised and can set your pricing plan according to your goals, regardless of where you choose to publish your book.

Each book and each author is unique. A unique pricing plan will reflect that the best.


Since the price plan is directly related to both your profit and your retail price, special consideration should be given to picking the right plan. The higher your plan, the higher your retail price and/or the lower your book profits. The lower your plan, the higher your profits, but perhaps to the detriment of distribution.

Remember that a trade discount is different from a retail margin. Wholesalers receive the trade discounted price. Then they turn around and distribute your book to a retailer for a retail margin that is set by the wholesaler. If the trade discount and retail margin were the same, the wholesaler wouldn’t make any money and would go out of business. For this reason, the retail margin passed to the retailers is always lower than the trade discount you set with your price plan.

With the flexibility of setting your trade discount to any percentage between 0% and 55%, authors who are granted so much control may find all the flexibility daunting. For this reason, the below chart offers the 6 most common trade discounting levels:

0% No distribution.You will handle all sales directly from your own inventory. This is the trade discount automatically set for you with the Outskirts Press Emerald package, which does not include any distribution or wholesale availability. You need at least a 20% trade discount to secure any distribution at all.
20% For this trade discount, on-line availability is currently available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Physical bookstores and off-line retailers may have access to your book via special order and may increase your suggested retail price to pad their profits, but even if they have the option of ordering your book, many will refuse (usually by saying they “can’t order it” simply because they won’t make any money. Bookstores are in business to make money, and physical bookstores don’t make money with 20% distribution discounts. With this discount, offline distribution or availability will be nearly impossible. Advanced users only.
25% THIS IS PRICE PLAN 25 AT OUTSKIRTS PRESS.For this price plan, on-line availability is currently available via Amazon and Barnes & Noble and many other websites (Powells, Books a Million, etc). Physical bookstores and off-line retailers may have access to your book via special order and may increase your suggested retail price to pad their profits, but even if they have the option of ordering your book, many will refuse (usually by saying they “can’t order it” simply because they won’t make any money. Bookstores are in business to make money, and physical bookstores don’t make money with 20% distribution discounts. With this discount, offline distribution or availability will be nearly impossible but this is a solid, money-making choice if you know you will be selling only online.
40% THIS IS PRICE PLAN 40 AT OUTSKIRTS PRESSWith this price plan, on-line availability is equal to or greater than Price Plan 25, plus increased physical bookstore potential at NET 20, which means a 20% retail margin is typically provided to the bookstore as their profit (approximately half of what they typically desire). This is a good choice for authors planning on selling mostly online and through the Wholesale Bookstore at http://outskirtspress.com/buybooks which removes the middle man from the equation — resulting in standard retail margins for the bookstore AND full royalties for the author.
50% THIS IS RECOMMENDED PRICE PLAN 50 AT OUTSKIRTS PRESS.This Price Plan is the recommended plan for authors who want the combination of reasonable retail pricing and royalty plus all the distribution and availability opportunities both online and off. The optional Retail Returns Service is highly recommended with this discount to get the best opportunity when pursuing offline chain retailers.
55% The highest trade discount that can be set in the on-demand publishing industry, resulting in maximum distribution potential for an industry standard 40% retail margin. The optional Retail Returns Service is highly recommended with this discount to get the best opportunity when pursuing offline chain retailers. Advanced users only.

Interested in publishing with this level of control and pricing flexibility?

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