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July Brings Three Times as Many FREE Author Copies For Authors Self-Publishing With Outskirts Press!

Leading self-publishing services provider Outskirts Press offers THREE TIMES the amount of FREE author copies to authors publishing a book with either the Diamond or Pearl book publishing services in July.

Outskirts Press, the fastest-growing self-publishing and book marketing company, today announced that authors beginning their self-publishing process in July are eligible to receive three times as many free author copies with their respective self-publishing package.

To receive the promotion, authors simply enter the promotion code 3XJULY14 when checking out of their shopping cart while purchasing the Diamond or Pearl publishing package by July 31, 2014. Each of the eligible publishing packages includes a unique ISBN, standard interior formatting, a variety of professional cover styles, and distribution which includes availability through major online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For authors choosing the most popular “Diamond” publishing package, this promotion delivers 30 free paperback author copies when the book is published. Authors publishing full-color books with the popular “Pearl” package can receive 15 free paperback copies.

For more information about this July promotion, click here and begin publishing today.

About Outskirts Press, Inc.: Outskirts Press offers high-quality, full-service self-publishing and book marketing services for writers and professionals who are seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining 100% of their rights, 100% of their profits, and 100% of the creative control.


Outskirts Press, Inc., 10940 S. Parker Rd – 515, Parker, Colorado 80134 1-888-OP-BOOKS

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Outskirts Press Self-Publishing Authors Can Save Big Money With Free Shipping!

Outskirts Press authors are able to take advantage of the year’s most popular promotion through July 4th – FREE SHIPPING!

Here’s how it works: Order 50+ copies (of the same format) of your book and pay nothing for UPS Ground shipping within the Continental U.S. That offers the opportunity to save a substantial amount of money when placing a book order. The more copies of your book you order, the more you save on shipping costs.

When you pair the shipping savings with the money you’ll save by placing a bulk order, you have an opportunity to potentially save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars!

Let’s assume your book is a 429 page hardback book with dustjacket. Here’s how much you can save:

Author Price (for Author Copies): $16.01
Shipping cost: $0 (due to free shipping promotion)
Total cost for 200 copies: $3,202

If that author orders 1000 copies, their price per copy drops by 35% to $10.41. That’s a savings of $5.60 per copy! Or, $5,600 – a greater savings than the cost of the 200 copy order!

To save even more, purchase 2000 copies. Then, your price goes down by 50% to $8.01. That’s a savings of $8 per copy! That puts $16,000 back into the author’s pocket!

What if you don’t have a hardback book or don’t want to order 2000 copies? You can still save during our free shipping promotion. Let’s take an author purchase of a 320 page 6×9 cream paperback for example:

Author Price (for Author Copies): $8.08
Shipping cost (without the free shipping promo): $113.97
Total Cost for 100 copies: $921.97

That’s $9.22 per copy! Until July 4th, this author can save $113.97 on their order. Like above, if the author orders in bulk, they can save even more. This particular author can save $5,660 or more with an order of 2000+ copies!

Want to know how much money you can put back into your pocket when you place a bulk order? Click here to find out!

Place your order now so that you don’t miss out on the free shipping opportunity!

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You can save $200 or more when you start publishing by the 4th of July!

Save 20% instantly when you choose to publish with our industry-leading Diamond publishing service or our full-color Pearl publishing service.

 The Ultimate Diamond Publishing Service
Was: $999
Now only $799!
  • Keep 100% of your royalties
  • Included Amazon distribution and ISBN
  • Get a free e-book edition
  • Get a free author webpage

Promotion  Code: JULY2014
Promotion Dates: July 1 – July 4

Watch the Diamond video here

   The Full-Color Pearl Publishing Service
Was: $1099
Now only $879!
  • Keep 100% of your royalties
  • Included Amazon distribution and ISBN
  • Browse our illustration packages
  • Get a free author webpage

Promotion  Code: JULY2014
Promotion Dates: July 1 – July 4

Watch the Pearl video here

Outskirts Press

For all the promotion details, please click here. Isn’t it time for you to get started today?


“Up to this point, my experience has been a great experience. At each stage of production to promotion, representatives for Outskirts were professional and knowledgeable, which made for a smooth publishing experience.”

Dr. Jim Maryott (Ed.D. Oklahoma State University; M.Ed. University of Central Oklahoma) is a retired educator. At the University of Guam, Dr. Maryott was an associate professor, department head: school administration, an elected faculty senate member, and evaluator of the Micronesian Educator. He has also authored several articles in professional journals.

This book, Love and Truth, is like a vitamin. Important nutrients are condensed within a single source. Likewise, love and truth are spiritual nutrients, the bread, which Christians live. This book offers unique perspectives of the spiritual bread of love and truth, through the role models of the Greatest Generation; a short story entitled, “An Ill-timed Fairy Tale; Christ’s portrayal in “This Love Story is not a Short Story”; God is in the USA’s Capitol today; the belief that Christians need to be segregated – or eliminated – like African Americans were in another time in history; and a prophetic portrayal of the final standoff between the Holy Trinity and the three-in-one devilish triumvirate, within “our” Brave New Immersive World.
- Dr. Jim Maryott, author of Love & Truth


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Last Chance! Today is the Last Day to Get the Free Amazon Extreme Option for that Self-Publishing Book

Time is almost up to jump into the electronic world of self-publishing! Publish today and jump-start your marketing efforts with the Amazon Extreme marketing package.

The Amazon Extreme marketing package from Outskirts Press offers self-publishing authors a head start on book marketing by taking triple advantage of the immense audience of Amazon, the largest online retailer in the United States. This package includes: An Amazon Kindle edition of your book, Amazon’s Search Inside the Book feature and the Amazon Cover Enhancement. These valuable, popular options are free for authors who start publishing in June.

Start today with the promotion code below when you choose to publish with our industry-leading Diamond publishing service or our full-color Pearl publishing service to receive the FREE Amazon Extreme Marketing Package.

Enter the promotion code FreeAEJUN14 when checking out of your shopping cart while purchasing the popular Diamond package or the full color Pearl publishing package by midnight today!

Click to order the Diamond Package
Click to order the Pearl Package

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Register Now for the 2014 Beijing Book Fair

Thousands of authors, booksellers, literary agents – and, of course, the book-buying public – gather annually at the Beijing International Book Fair.

The 20th annual Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF) kicks off August 27-31, 2014 at the China International Exhibition Center. Thousands of authors from around the world will gather at the fair to display their work. It’s also a one-of-a-kind opportunity to mix, mingle and network with booksellers, publisher, literary agents and other book-related professionals on the lookout for talent and compelling books.

No other country has experienced the growth in the world marketplace that China has, and that impact has been greatly felt in the publishing and bookselling world. Blossoming readership in China represents an enormous opportunity for authors to take advantage of the growing demand for book translations, and publishers are scrambling to feed the frenzy. There is surging consumer demand for all types of books, and getting your book in front of this potential market can have a tremendously positive effect on the success of your book.

Now through this Friday, June 27, 2014, register for the Beijing International Book Fair while you still can for this exciting international book fair!

It’s never too early to plan for a thrilling trip to market your book internationally. Let Outskirts Press get your tour of the 2014 Beijing International Book Fair in order for you, so you can get the word out!

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Top 10 Best-Selling Books in Self-Publishing for May 2014

Outskirts Press, the fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company, is pleased to announce its top ten best-selling titles for May 2014, according to combined data from Ingram Book Wholesalers and Outskirts Press Direct via These authors have likely created a solid book marketing strategy and put it into motion either by themselves or with the help of a Personal Marketing Assistant.

In alphabetical order, the top ten best-selling books in self-publishing during the month of May 2014 were:

Congratulations to our best-selling authors for the month of May 2014!

How can you get your book on the bestseller list? While we can’t make any guarantees on sales success, many of our most successful authors invest time and money in marketing themselves and their book. Authors who are in need of a marketing boost often turn to a Personal Marketing Assistant for help.

All of these books (and other Outskirts Press titles) are available from all major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Books A Million, and others, plus conveniently from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at for discounts ranging from 10% – 55%.

Are you ready to put a book promotion strategy in place for your self-published book?

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Self-Published Books at the ALA Annual Conference

The American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference is coming up June 26-July 1, 2014 in Chicago, Illinois. The ALA Annual Conference is the largest meeting of librarians in the world. It attracts librarians from all levels of management, from all types of libraries, from across the country. It serves as a meeting place for leadership, a place to learn, a place to network and as a forum to exchange ideas on the multitude of issues affecting libraries. Attendance is estimated at 25,000!

Most of the attendees have purchasing authority and for many this is the only show they attend. Through its 58,000 members, the ALA serves as a resource for public, academic, private and school libraries, and is responsible for accreditation of library school programs.

Below is a selection of the Outskirts Press titles that will be appearing at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference:
put covers

The ALA Annual Conference and other book fairs are a valuable tool in your book marketing. Save 25% with our Global Book Tour package and send your book around the world. Access your Author’s Center and learn more about marketing services.

Not yet a published author. Click here to learn more about publishing your book today.

Start Publishing Today

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Promote your book to larger audiences with Co-op Ads!

Did you know that at Outskirts Press, we can help you save money while promoting your book to large audiences of national magazines like Spirituality & Health?

Reach thousands of affluent and spiritual book buyers with this popular co-op advertisement opportunity. You can advertise your book to over 200,000 readers who are exploring the spiritual journey to self-knowledge, authenticity, and integration for a fraction of what it would cost to run a color advertisement on your own.

With our co-op advertising program, your book will occupy approximately a 2″ x 2.5″ space along with other select titles within a full-color, full-page ad. Spaces are limited to 12 books per issue and fill up fast.

Register today, June 18th, to reserve your space in this ad.

Other co-op opportunities include: Bookmarks Magazine, ForeWord Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly and Boston Review.


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Top 10 Self-Publishing Book Marketing Tactics for May 2014

Book marketing is one of the most important pieces of being a successful self-publishing author. Outskirts Press is an industry leader in providing post-publication support, products, and services to its growing family of published authors.

Your book is written. Your book is published. Now what? Our list of Top 10 Book Marketing Tactics can help you prioritize your book marketing efforts by providing you with excellent marketing and promotional tactics you should consider pursuing.

These are the marketing products and tactics determined to be most popular by our authors for the month of May 2014, listed below in alphabetical order:

Amazon Extreme Package Amazon Extreme Package: Save 25% on 3 of our marketing services focused on This package includes a Kindle Edition of your book, participation in the Amazon Search Inside the Book and Amazon Cover Enhancement.
Amazon Kindle Submission Service Amazon Kindle Submission Service:  Make your book available on Amazon’s Kindle ebook reading device. More formats on Amazon means more exposure on Amazon, and the Kindle is heavily promoted by Amazon.

Amazon Search Inside the Book
Amazon Search Inside the Book: Amazon claims that books participating in this program enjoy “significant” sales improvement, on average, over books that do not.
American Library Association Book Fair American Library Association (ALA) Book Fair: The ALA (American Library Association) annual conference attracts librarians from all levels of management, from all types of libraries, from all across the country. Get your book exposed to thousands of librarians.
Barnes & Noble NOOK Submission Service Barnes & Noble NOOK Submission Service:  Millions of books are available on Barnes & Noble’s NOOK. If your book isn’t one of them, you are missing out on tapping a very important, and growing, market of readers.
Barnes & Noble See Inside Barnes & Noble See Inside:  Barnes & Noble’s answer to Amazon’s “Search Inside the Book” program. Books that participate in this program receive a “See Inside” icon next to their Barnes & Noble cover image, which invites potential customers to electronically “flip” through a small section of the book.
Book Review Submission Service Book Review Submission Service: Securing positive book reviews is the first step toward building word-of-mouth buzz for your book. In addition to receiving a complimentary copy of your book, the reviewers will also receive a professional cover letter, a coy of your press, and your sales sheet. We take care of all of that for you, including sending the review copy!
Custom Press Release Custom Press Release:  Have our professional press release writer compose an original, unique press release for your book, submitted to you for your review/approval, and then distributed to our newswire service on your behalf.
Apple iPad iPhone Standard Edition Apple iPad/iPhone Standard Edition: Allows self-publishing authors to enter the ebook marketplace at significantly lower upfront cost with a no-hassle, standard iBookstore retail price of $9.99. It’s the simplest one-click solution for published authors to publish a book in Apple’s iBookstore.
Personal Marketing Assistant Personal Marketing Assistant: Do you need help developing a book marketing plan? Arranging book signings? Establishing/developing your author platform? Hire your own Personal Marketing Assistant today!

Outskirts Press Published authors who are interested in any of these (or many of our other available services) can find further details and ordering information from the Marketing Options page of your author’s center.

Not yet published with Outskirts Press? Today is the perfect day to start and take advantage of our current publishing promotion.

Start Self-Publishing Now!


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Author Poll: Dr. Nathan Grills, David E. Lewis and S. Joshua Swamidass, MD PHD wants your help with their cover

Dr. Nathan Grills, David E. Lewis and S. Joshua Swamidass, MD PHD are self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And they want your help deciding their book cover.

Book Summary

What Does It Mean To Integrate Your Christian Faith And Work?

What does it mean to be a Christian in your work? In this book authors working in fields from the arts to finance and the academy offer practical advice to Christians about what it means to live a life of robust faith and work. Authors address a number of key questions: How do they understand what it means to be a Christian in their profession? What difference does it make? What kinds problems have they encountered?

Their answers are surprising in their creativity and insight. They are also honest, based upon the authors’ imperfect and tentative attempts to follow Christ in professions were there are few Christians. Those who want to learn how to integrate Christ fully into their careers or who are looking for evidence of God’s redemptive work in the academy, culture, business, and government will be greatly encouraged and challenged by this book.

About the Authors

Dr. Nathan Grills is a Public Health Physician at the Nossal Institute of Global Health (University of Melbourne) and is working in disability and chronic disease prevention in India. Nathan completed an MSc Global Health Sciences and then PhD in Public Health at Oxford University where he explored the role of faith in the response of Faith-based groups to HIV.

David E. Lewis is the William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of Political Science at Vanderbilt University where he researches and teaches on the American presidency, executive branch politics and public administration. David and his family attend the Village Chapel in historic Hillsboro Village in Nashville, Tennessee.

S. Joshua Swamidass, MD PHD is assistant professor of Immunology and Pathology, Laboratory and Genomic Medicine Division, at Washington University, St. Louis. He is both a Christian and a Scientist. Dr. Swamidass often speaks to student groups about integrating our faith and vocation, finding God’s calling for our careers, how Christianity and Science are compatible, and ways of understanding Genesis and Evolution.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend.

Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge Cover Option A

Cover ACover A

Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge Cover Option B

Cover BCover B


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