5 Ways You Can Be Self-Published by Valentine’s Day (Yes, That Quick!)

One of the amazing perks of being a self-publishing author is the ability to go to press with your literary work in a matter of weeks, not the months or years you’d have to languish waiting for approval from a traditional publishing house. It seems incredible, but if you’re ready or almost ready to publish now as we roll into winter, you could start selling while they’re still snow on the ground!

If you’re spending holiday time off putting the finishing touches on your labor of love, you’re in good shape to have a book you’re madly in love with by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around. Here are five self-publishing services that will help you make that happen:

One-Click Publishing
These all-inclusive, turnkey service bundles are specifically crafted to include every product and service the children’s author, coach/speaker or fiction author needs to get a book professionally designed, formatted, edited, published Publishing Packagesand aggressively marketed — incredibly, all in a mere matter of weeks! Talk to an Outskirts Press representative today, and you’ll be selling before winter’s passed.

Full-Service Publishing Packages
Ranging in price from $199 to just $1,099, our publishing packages let you tailor the services you need to get started today, without buying any services that aren’t yet in your budget. Formatting, customizable covers, free author copies and more are included in every bundle. And the best part is that a down payment of just $35 gets the ball rolling.

Electronic PublishingElectronic Publishing
Even if you’re not quite ready for printing hardcopies, you can still sell. Our electronic publishing services can get your book in front of millions of ebook readers on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple in no time at minimal cost.

Gift CertificatesInstant Self-Publishing Gift Certificates
If someone you know is looking to publish, you can help them out too! Gift certificates are the perfect way to “crowdfund” your favorite aspiring author. They can spend your generous donation on whatever products or services they need to get published now.

Writing Services
Yes, you can publish by Valentine’s Day, even if you’re not done writing yet — but only if you hurry! Very affordable author services — from minor ghostwriting to help you finish your book to professional copy editing to whip it into shape for publication — could get you to press by Valentine’s Day.


Do you have a book or two waiting for the world to read? Let Outskirts Press get you started on your own publishing dreams!

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Last Chance to Get the Free Amazon Extreme Option for that Self-Publishing Book

Time is almost up to jump into the electronic world of self-publishing! Before Thanksgiving hits and you can’t get up from all that food you’ve eaten, publish today and jump-start your marketing efforts with the Amazon Extreme marketing package.

The Amazon Extreme marketing package from Outskirts Press offers self-publishing authors a head start on book marketing by taking triple advantage of the immense audience of Amazon, the largest online retailer in the United States. This package includes: An Amazon Kindle edition of your book, Amazon’s Search Inside the Book feature and the Amazon Cover Enhancement. These valuable, popular options are free for authors who start publishing in June.

Start today with the promotion code below when you choose to publish with our industry-leading Diamond publishing service or our full-color Pearl publishing service to receive the FREE Amazon Extreme Marketing Package.

Enter the promotion code FreeAENOV14 when checking out of your shopping cart while purchasing the popular Diamond package or the full color Pearl publishing package. But do it TODAY, time is running out!

Click to order the Diamond Package
Click to order the Pearl Package
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Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week

Here’s this week’s Featured Book-of-the-Week available now on!

The Obexlanders

by TES

(5 Stars – 1 Customer Reviews)

Price: $16.95

The Obexlanders” is written by the Obexlander Historian, TES, is a secret and classified document chronicling the history of this group from the year 3138. This book is an exciting, provocative and fun deception; historical fiction on the cutting edge of imagination. The Obexlanders have come here to change history and save humanity from itself. They undertook dreadful actions for which they were not proud. However, is it possible that elements of the Obexlanders may appear in the reality of our own future?

Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time of this posting; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit©, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Amazon,, the logo, and 1-Click are registered trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates., 410 Terry Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109-5210.

Would you like your book featured here?


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Top 10 Best-Selling Books in Self-Publishing for October 2014

Outskirts Press, the fastest-growing full-service self-publishing and book marketing company, is pleased to announce its top ten best-selling titles for October 2014, according to combined data from Ingram Book Wholesalers and Outskirts Press Direct via These authors have likely created a solid book marketing strategy and put it into motion either by themselves or with the help of a Personal Marketing Assistant.

In alphabetical order, the top ten best-selling books in self-publishing during the month of October 2014 were:

Congratulations to our best-selling authors for the month of October 2014!

How can you get your book on the bestseller list? While we can’t make any guarantees on sales success, many of our most successful authors invest time and money in marketing themselves and their book. Authors who are in need of a marketing boost often turn to a Personal Marketing Assistant for help.

All of these books (and other Outskirts Press titles) are available from all major online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, Books A Million, and others, plus conveniently from the Outskirts Press Direct bookstore at for discounts ranging from 10% – 55%.

Are you ready to put a book promotion strategy in place for your self-published book?

Start Publishing

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Author Poll: Writer Alicia Schweikart wants your help with her cover

AAlicia Schweikart is self-publishing a book with Outskirts Press. And she wants your help deciding her book cover.

Book Summary

When Dane Walker Stone is brutally attacked, ending his career as a US Navy SEAL, his pain is magnified by yet another tragedy. Three days after his assault, he learns that his girlfriend, Lydia, has died from what the police have concluded was an accidental drug overdose.

Rehabilitation is difficult and painful, and Dane is left with physical and mental scars. He begins therapy with a private psychologist but is unable to remember the details of the attack. After he recovers from his extensive injuries, he studies investigative training and opens an office on the north side of Chicago as a private investigator. Dane is in the process of trying to rebuild his life when Lydia’s sister shows up asking for his help in solving what she believes is Lydia’s murder. When he discovers that a homicide victim is actually his old adversary, Dane realizes that he won’t be able to solve either crime until he solves the mystery of his own attack and overcomes the demons of his past that continue to haunt him. Hearts of Stone is a fast-paced, riveting tale–and the first book of the Dane Walker Stone, Private Investigator series.

About the Author

Alicia Schweikart is a freelance writer and poet. She grew up on the south side of Chicago. Some of her happiest moments have been in directing high school plays and acting in community theatre. Alicia currently resides in Arizona with her husband, Wayne.

Please take a look at two possible covers below and then vote on the choice you recommend for Alicia.

Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge Cover Option A

CP_VACover A

Click on the thumbnail below to enlarge Cover Option B

CP_VBCover B

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NaNoWriMo Afterglow: 4 Steps to Self-Publishing Your Month’s Work

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is in the home stretch now, with thousands of authors nationwide in their final sprint to finish by the November 30 deadline.It makes one wonder what will happen with all those finished and unfinished manuscripts that result from this exciting competition. For many, self-publishing their work is the next logical step.

So, how do we make that happen? Here are 4 steps you can take to get your NaNoWriMo project published (and start selling) before the summer book-buying season heats up.

  1. Reserve Your Publishing Package: Outskirts Press offers all-inclusive Diamond and Pearl self-publishing packages so you can customize your masterpiece the way YOU want it! Talk about perfect timing … Now that your marathon month of writing is finally over, you can let someone else do the hard work for a change!Self publishing iPad
  2. Get Writing Help: If you’ve churned out the 50,000 words necessary to win NaNoWriMo but your story isn’t quite tied up yet, you can still take a breather — talk to a ghostwriter about helping you finish what you started so your month of grueling writing will not have been in vain.
  3. Go Digital: If a full-blown paperback and ebook publishing plan isn’t want you had in mind, dip your toe into the self-publishing pool with one or more ebook editions first — iPad/iPhone, Barnes & Noble NOOK and/or Amazon Kindle. You can always print later.
  4. Talk to a PMA: Your PMA, or Personal Marketing Assistant, will help you map out a marketing strategy that you can implement when your book is finished — and you’ve rested up from that amazing NaNoWriMo feat you’ve just accomplished.

What are you waiting for? Let us help you finish that book you started with NaNoWriMo!

Start Publishing Today

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Amazon Featured Book-of-the-Week

Here’s this week’s Featured Book-of-the-Week available now on!

Prairie Echoes

by Suzanne Kee

(5 Stars – 2 Customer Reviews)

Price: $9.95

Suzanne Kee’s “Prairie Echoes.” Here is a poetic album spanning a lifetime of curiosity, puzzlement, appreciation and love. Haven’t we all occasionally wanted time to stand still – a story to go on and on, a loved one to live forever. Somewhere among these pages you may discover your own way to bring these things about through verse. The poet has seized upon moments of reflection before they escaped, and captured and groomed them like stray pets.

Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time of this posting; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit©, Inc. or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Amazon,, the logo, and 1-Click are registered trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates., 410 Terry Avenue N., Seattle, WA 98109-5210.

Would you like your book featured here?

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